How to get back at Bill !


He would not just accept my dinner invite. I climbed positions in his company with his permission of course! Always having to go into his office to put on a peek show while he eats chocolate cake while offering me my promotion. Apparently he enjoys both my work performance and the way I rub my pink pussy in his face cumming all over my panties. This has to end! I was a prime candidate for the new CEO position that was becoming available due to Bill’s retirement. But it wasn’t just me in line, his son Jr was also in line going out his way to push me aside. I’ve had to humor his daddy’s insanity all these years. I will make it worth my wild. There was a little rumor I heard about Bill being very fond of trannies. 


Apparently he was known to hang out at a nightclub that mainly trannies partied at. I heard Bill was a frequent customer. Of course the only way I found out was from my good friend Tamera who bartends there. She told me all about Bill. That put my plan in motion. I showed up at Bill’s office with his favorite dessert in hand. I offered him the cake and told him to say the magic word. He couldn’t help himself. Anxiously he said the word and sat back eating his sweets as he watched me play with myself to completion. I made sure to have something a little extra spicy on. He always went weak for stockings and garters. Afterwards he gladly accepted my invite. Well we know what happens next! I admit it was a sight for sore eyes. 

Literally a chocolate cocksucker! 


I walked near his limo with his rear window cracked, his driver away. I never knew Bill could deep throat like that. Two weeks after I was already in my position Bill called me to his office. He was near his final days there. To my surprise the therapist that helped set up my whole nightmare from all those years ago was there. Bill made a deal with me. He’d have the therapist undo the magic word in return I’d give him my cloud info. Deal! After the therapist left Bill said the word one more time. Chocolate cake! Nothing happened. I was so happy jumping up and down. Walking toward’s Bill’s office door I locked it. One more time for old time sake what do you say Bill? He sat in his chair with a big smile as I sat in front of him. Legs on the desk. 


Yanking my pink panties to the side, pulling up my blouse, exposing my sexy perky nipples. Masturbating as he put his face close to my pussy barely touching it with his nose. Cumming all over his desk, his face, he licked his fingers and said Babs you’re the best! 

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