What can I say! I mean I don’t do it on purpose. I simply cannot help myself. I‘ve had this problem since forever. Let’s just say I take my issue with chocolate to a whole different level. Let me introduce myself before I go any further. My name is Delaney. I’m a single, no nonsense kind of woman. Ceo of a healthcare company that specializes in providing quality equipment and supplies to local hospitals and clinics at a cheaper price than our competitors. I legit busted balls to get where I am at the age of 30. No! I did not sleep my way to the top if that’s what you are thinking. But! I will say before the head of the company retired and named his successor I did happen to take him out to dinner.


My good friend Jennifer who just so happens to be a beautiful, feminine, very passing tranny joined us. While walking towards my car after dinner.  I just so happened to come across them in the parking lot where Bill was in the backseat of his limo having his dessert. Licking chocolate off of Jennifer. My fingers slipped accidentally taking a picture of Bill’s face falling on Jennifer’s cock. Bill being a very respectful man of the community, the church, a loving devoted father of 5 adult children, grandfather of 12. Plus Bill is a happily married man of 50 years! Understandingly he just did not want that picture to fall in the wrong hands. Bill does not want people to get the wrong impression of him. I told Bill I will keep it safe in my cloud promising it will never rear its ugly face.


 Hard work does pay off!


That next Monday there was a large chocolate cake, a big celebration. Bill promoted me to CEO of his company. Lucky me! Here I am, I’m CEO. Bill’s dirty little secret is safe. For now anyways! Don’t Judge me I have the problem I have because of Bill. You don’t know him the way I do. Being a rich and powerful man Bill likes to play games because he knows he will get away with it. Bullshit and games with no consequences that’s his life in a handbasket. Well let’s just say he played with the wrong one! Let me explain. I started working for Bill’s company at the age of 18 as his personal secretary. He hired me on the spot. He stared at my DD’s and told me I had potential. Welcome aboard Babs. Oh! Yeah he calls me Babs, not my name Delanely, never Delanely. 


Really of all names Babs for ten years. Bill known for pranks, decided to make it mandatory for all his employees to see a therapist on Mental Health Week. After my turn with the company therapist I went back to my desk. Bill approached me with a massive slice of chocolate cake. Babs! Would you like a piece of chocolate cake? He totally emphasized the word chocolate cake. In my mind I was about to say no thanks but that is not what happened. What happened was I instantly had this uncontrollable movement of slipping my hand in my skirt rubbing myself in front of my boss. The whole time he watched me with the biggest grin while eating my damn cake he offered . Laughing at the top of his lungs he returned to his office. This was a daily occurrence with him. 

My hell has only begun!


He would run behind me in the halls whispering chocolate cake!  Each time I’d run to find somewhere private to masturbate. I have been tortured with this stupid chocolate cake nightmare. Everytime I hear that dumb word I have no control over myself. I have to play with myself until I cum. You can imagine the awkwardness of being out in public at a restaurant, a party, or out to dinner with friends. The fear of someone offering me something as innocent as a slice of chocolate cake. That word gives me serious anxiety! I can’t help myself! I go at it right then and there, not being able to control my hands. Masterbating in front of strangers.  Not being able to stop until I cum. While some look at me with disgust others look at me with a big smile on their faces. 


If I’m lucky enough I might make it to a bathroom, car, closet. I went to see my own personal therapist. She had a great laugh saying it’s all in my head. I’ve been deemed a chronic masturbator. Someone with no control. She assured me the constant uncontrollable actions of me masterbating anywhere at anytime has nothing to do with the word chocolate cake. I finally had enough when I was invited to my best friend’s grandparents 60th anniversary celebration. Lots of people, lot’s of food, loud music, and you guessed it! As I ran to the bathroom with my leg on the toilet seat, my hands in my panties rubbing one out because of that stupid word when I was offered a piece of cake. Once I came all over my hands all I could think of was revenge. But Bill is no fool! 


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