Wanting cock deep inside my soft pink pussy

Saturday’s Hallowe’en party came and I dressed up as a naughty nurse. Once I got to the party, the football team was there, including Steve.  I drank a few shots to help me relax.  Then I lowered the zipper on my costume exposing most of my breasts. By now my nipples were hard, and I felt myself getting aroused. My soft pink pussy yearned for cock, and I was getting wet. I sat on the couch, made eye contact with Steve, opening my legs so gently, revealing no panties, but my soft pink pussy. Smiling, he motioned me to join him upstairs. He went first, and I quickly followed. I was so horny, I wanted a huge hard cock deep inside of me and to fuck me good.


A little naughty tonight for huge hard cock

I met Steve in one of the rooms upstairs. “Wow, you’re a little naughty tonight Mia”. He had no idea how naughty I was. I went to him, undid his pants and dropped to my knees, taking hold of his huge hard cock in my hands. I ran my tongue along, sucking it so good.  His cock filled my mouth so good. I heard the quiet opening of the door and footsteps coming inside the room. When I opened my eyes and looked up I noticed that a few of his team mates had joined us. “Hope you don’t mind a bit of company’ he said, “the more the merrier” I replied. I was so sex driven I didn’t care who, where or even how many fucked me, all I wanted was pure hard cock inside of me.


 Huge hard cock deep inside of me

One of the guys held me tight while Steve unzipped my uniform. I stood there completely naked, while hands grabbed at my tits, and fingered my hot wet pussy. My pussy was being ravaged by hands, and others in my ass. Omg my pussy was spread open wide, for three, four fingers. They were deep inside of me. Mmm I moaned, it felt so good. Steve went on the bed and I was pushed on top of him. He forced his huge cock inside of me. Omg, I took him all in. He was huge and it hurt so good. My pussy was wet and ripe, it was so hot and I wanted a really huge hard cock to fill it up. I straddled him and rode his cock so good.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my latest adventure with the schools football team and Mia!  Come back next Friday for more dirty tales!!

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