Death comes again, Lexi continues her affairs with Death part two

My heart was racing a mile a minute. Despite being brave enough to take his hand, I had no idea if I would be able to handle what it meant when Death comes again. And in more ways than one…

He led me to my bed, sitting me down and pushing me back until I was laying back. Somewhere in those moments he had pulled my dress completely off of me, so I was laying there in just my bra. The look of hunger that lit his fathomless eyes had shivers running down my spine and slickness pooling at my core.

This man, this creature, had eyes that hungered for me. For some reason that made me feel powerful. I looked at him through hooded eyes and gave him a coy smile as I spread my legs open for him. He lowered down between them and ground his bulge against my sensitive skin.

I moaned and he devoured it, his lips locking with mine as he swallowed any noises that came from me. My hands began pawing at his clothes, desperate to tug them off. Within moments he was as bare as I, somewhere along the way my bra getting torn off in our haste.

The feel of his skin making mine feverish with desire.

His hands were everywhere. Caressing my breasts, pinching my nipples, grazing my sides, tangling into my hair, caressing the side of my face. Not a single inch of me was spared his touch. Fire licked my flesh wherever he touched, and only when his touch reached the apex of my thighs was I truly aflame.

He took his cock and ran it up and down my slit, both teasing me, and getting himself slick from my wetness. I mewled with need and he chuckled before plunging inside of me to the hilt. His lips where on me once again as he began to pound into me. Long, hard, deep strokes of his cock, reaching the very depths of me.

Every moan, every whimper, every cry was swallowed by him. His tongue delving into my mouth as expertly as his cock delved into my core. The sensations where so intense, that I began to claw at his back, making him groan and slam even harder into me. It was like he was trying to fuck me into oblivion, and I was all for it.

Soon enough he pulled back, grabbing the backs of my thighs and spreading my legs wider as he drilled into me. This new angle drove me crazy and my moans got louder and louder.

This new angle also meant his cock was hitting my sweet spot again and again.

The sensation began to build in my stomach, getting stronger and stronger with each thrust of his hips. My cries got louder, my body got hotter. I was about to explode, and Death very well knew it. That’s why he let go of one of my legs and pinched my clit between his thumb and forefinger, sending me over the edge.

My whole body trembled with absolute pleasure, and with two or three final thrusts, he came inside me with a roar. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe. All I could do was lie there, because surely after an orgasm that good, I was dead.

Did you enjoy the finale of my Death comes again blog? Well if you missed out on part one, find it here. Or if you wanna enjoy the audio version, find it in the store!

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