Death comes again, Lexi continues her affairs with Death part one

After that first night with Death, I thought that it was all over. I woke up a few hours after passing out to find myself alone in bed, without so much as a note. Then I went days with no sight or word, then weeks. It was almost as if it was all just a dream. But I was wrong. A month after our incredible encounter is when Death comes again.

He showed up out of nowhere in my room again, but this time I was sitting at my desk doing homework. I’m not sure how long he stood there watching me before I noticed, but to tell you that my heart just about flew out of my chest was an understatement!

He stood there with a ghost of a smile on his lips and I couldn’t help but stop and stare. I mean, this was Death smiling of course. “I’ve had you on my mind every second of every day since that night.” He murmured.

“You… You have?!” I asked in astonishment.

“Of course. I’ve come for round two.” And with that he spun my chair around and dropped to his knees. I was wearing a dress, so he just pulled up the hem and spread my legs. I was too shocked to speak, so before I knew it he had my panties off and he was buried between my thighs.

The breathy moan that left me spurred him on. His tongue zeroed in on my clit and started circling it like no tomorrow. I had no choice but to tangle my fingers into his hair, pulling him tighter between my thighs. But that only made him growl with approval and the vibrations ran through my pussy and up my spine.

I don’t know where he learned to do this, since he was definitely clueless the last time we were together. After he growled, he seemed to get more confident in himself. He reached up and slid a finger inside me, causing me to shudder and moan once again. The slow pump in and out had me rocking in my chair against him, shifting the pressure of his tongue on my clit.

I was climbing higher and higher, but he wasn’t anywhere near done with me.

He slid a second finger into me, increasing the speed and intensity beyond my ability to cope. It took maybe another minute before I had soared to the top and came with a cry of ecstasy.

He greedily lapped up all my cum and juices before he pulled back and looked at me with an evil glint in his eye. A shiver ran through me, but not one of fear, one of excitement. “Are you ready for a night you will never forget?” He asked me, standing up and holding out his hand.

I took it without hesitation, for I knew that even if I died, I wanted everything Death had in store for me.


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