You’ve never fucked me like that, sweetie.

I mean, with your scrawny body and little pee pee, you just can’t Ryan. I’m so glad I found Jason.

Oh, and Jason liked the idea of cumming in my mouth. After he had given me a merciless pounding from behind, he pulled out and quickly turned me around.

I took his huge, glistening cock into my mouth. Trying my best to take in as much as I possibly could. Moving my head back and forth to cram more and more into my willing mouth. I could feel the bulging veins along its solid length. I didn’t want to gag, but I wanted to show him how devoted I was to pleasing him and serving him.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth,” he said, “something Ryan will never get.”

He began to tense up. He had one hand on my forehead, so that I would look up, and the other held the back of my head. “I’m going to cum in your mouth now babydoll.” His legs tensed more. His hands held my head firmly onto his giant cock. “Not Ryan. I’M…I’M going to cum in your mouth…”

And then he spasmed and fired a gushing stream into the back of my throat.

I could not swallow with my mouth completely stuffed, and he immediately fired another huge gush and another and another. I kept sucking and servicing, and I closed my eyes tightly to try not to gag.

He kept cumming and gushing and flooding my mouth, Ryan, until I could feel his cum running down my chin and neck on both sides. He must have cum for a full 20 seconds, ejecting more cum with each pulsing spasm.

You don’t produce that much cum in a year, Ryan. Why is that baby? For Jason, that was just one night. He fucked me the next morning and filled my insides with another flood of warm, masculine cum. You could never provide that much sex, Ryan. Why is that honey? You really are a one-minute, tiny-cock, cuck boy, aren’t you?

And I know that little worm of yours is hard reading all of this.

Are you jerking off, hon? You’d better not be. I haven’t given you permission to cum yet.

So, on Saturday night I’m going to suck off Jason in the car. God! I can’t wait! But really, he deserves it. He is such a gorgeous and wonderful man, big and strong and masculine. He treats me so well. I will have a text ready to send to you that says,

“Jason is cumming in your wife’s mouth now,” and I will press the send button as soon as he fires the first delicious shot. Make sure you have your cell phone handy. And no need to respond, sweetie. I just want you to know. 

And Ryan, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink when I get home. You know I don’t like that.


Love you, sweetie!


Part Four

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