So, Ryan, be aware that he is not turned off by it.

I got really lucky with this bull. He LIKES it. You know I will eventually arrange it. Aren’t you happy Ryan?

But there on the couch, what I was really dying for was to feel his prodigious cock inside me, so I climbed on top of him, and lowered myself onto his rock hard shaft. My folds were swollen with excitement and dripping wet, but I had to go slow to take in such a massive, hard meat.

I could feel my eyes grow wide as it filled me, more and more, and once I had the whole gigantic thing inside me, I swear, Ryan, I began to shudder. My pussy began to involuntarily squeeze and clench around all that size, and I let out a whimper. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even realize that all the while, I was gazing into his handsome eyes like a lost puppy who finally found her true owner.

It was so wonderful, Ryan. It was sooo wonderful!

Ryan…when you are trying to fuck me with that lil’ pickle of yours it just doesn’t stretch me out or fill me up the same way his Daddy dick does. Really Ryan, yours just doesn’t pack the same punch. You poor thing, you have such a small penis compared to Jason. I guess you can understand why I love fucking him. I guess you can understand how I have become a slave to Jason’s wishes.

But it’s not just the size of his cock. He fucks me, Ryan. He really fucks me. You give me a calm and gentle 60 seconds that’s like an easy breeze. I can’t really feel anything. And honestly, sweetie, you never last more than a minute before you dribble a little puddle of cum.

But Jason…that Jason…he is so powerful and so beautiful, he fucks me like he’s out for revenge. He is savage and dominating and merciless. And those big, glorious balls of his, they ejaculate stream after stream after stream of hot cum…in me and on me!!!

How can I not love that?

Eventually, Jason had me on all fours on the couch with my face against the cushions and my ass in the air. He stood behind me with one foot on the floor and one on the couch. His large hands held my tiny waist, and he pounded me with an angry fury.

“I’m going to send you home to Ryan seriously fucked,” he panted. I could feel his hulking cock reaching deep into me, all the way to the warm pit of my stomach. The thickness of it seemed like he could lift me up with it alone. I think my little body could have hung from his obscene cock size.

It was scary, Ryan, frightful even. I didn’t know if I would survive his savage assault.

People passing by in the hallway had to hear the slapping flesh and me calling out for mercy, “Jason, please! Jason! Oh my God, please!” He was thrusting so hard that I could feel the flesh of my ass ripple, and each slap pushed my face into the cushion.

Part Three

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