I gave his powerful hunk of hard flesh a firm squeeze.

I told him what girl wouldn’t like a meaty cock like this? I love it Ryan! And I just adore that I need both hands to handle it!!Maybe it’s more like 10 inches…it has to be…it’s just so long and thick…just makes my mouth water, my knees buckle and of course, my little kitty drip in excitement.

He asked me if I have something like he’s got hanging between his legs at home waiting for me.

I chuckled. Then I told him the truth. Heavens no! Ryan’s cock is about the size of a lipstick tube. Soft, he’s only a few inches. Hard maybe 6 inches.

He swears it can’t be that small.

It is though, and I told him that I was serious. I also told him that if I touch your wittle wee wee you’ll cum in about 30 seconds.

I told him that you’re probably average size while I just shrugged and starred at his strong cock in my hand. All I could keep thinking is that this gorgeous cock in my hand, I mean, handssss,is as big as Ryan’s forearm.

I wish you could see it Ryan, I’ll show you.

Jason started to chuckle at that one babe. “You want your husband to see my cock?” He asked me.

I snuggled up to his muscular body. “No,” I said softly. “I want him to see this.” And I leaned over, opened my mouth wide, and gently took his huge cockhead into my watering mouth. Gotta be 11 inches at this point. And that sack, securing those beautiful balls…massive balls…filled with the dessert I’ve been searching for all this time.

Jason sighed at the initial pleasure I happily gave him. Then I could feel him look down at me, and asked if I wanted you to see his wife sucking my cock?

Mmm, hmm, I moaned, while I lovingly slurped.

I felt his hand brush my hair. Baby, he said, I would love that.

I pulled my mouth off and pointed to the coffee table just in front of us. I told him that you would sit right there. So you could watch up close. Then I went back to sucking his dick.

When I finally pulled my mouth off I told him that I want you to watch his giant cock cum in my mouth. I want to look you in the eye, my precious Ryan, while I suck him dry.

I told Jason how I’ve never let you cum in my mouth.

His eyes got wide.

I’m not letting your teeny, little tootsie roll dick cum in my mouth, Ryan.

Jason was really turned on by that. 

I snuggled up to him and smiled. I told him I would make you hold his cock up for me. You know, so I can suck him off hands free. That way, your wimpy, little fingers can feel his powerful cock pulsing while he shoots his load into your wife’s mouth.

I laid down on the couch and turned over. I took Jason’s substantial cock back into my happily servicing mouth and defiantly looked him in the eye.

He smiled at me and said we need to fucking give you what you want then.

Part Two

If you enjoyed this, stay turned for part three coming out on Thursday! Or, check out my audio and hear it coming from my own lips!

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