To my sweet baby boy Ryan,

I am posting this publicly Ryan because, you know, sweetie, I like to humiliate you.

I have a dinner date with Jason this coming Saturday. I’ve been seeing a lot of him lately. I guess you can tell that I really like him. I’ve been feeling so horny since my first date with him, and you’ve been such a good husband licking my desperate folds and sucking on my hot, little button when I need some relief.

While you’re down there between my thighs doing your cuck boy duty, I just close my eyes and pretend it’s Jason licking me. Haven’t you noticed how wet I’ve been?

I only wish you gave oral as well as he does. (Quite honestly, hon, just like on those rare occasions when I do let you fuck me, even when you’re licking me you still feel like an adolescent little boy.)

Anyway, back to the man I really want to talk about…the strong and handsome JASON!!!

I feel like I owe him some show of appreciation. He’s been so good to me with the trips and dinners and shopping. So after my dinner with him on Saturday night, I’m going to take him out to the car and orally worship his magnificent cock.

I want to make him cum in my small mouth.

I want to look him in his handsome eyes while I take every single warm drop. He really likes that, but he likes it even more now that he knows that I don’t let you cum in my mouth. I told him about it when he and I stayed in Hawaii earlier this month.

We were cuddling on the couch in the sitting area of the suite. (He always gets us a suite. Isn’t that sweet! LOL) Jason was in the white bathrobe supplied by the hotel, and I was wearing my tight, black micro dress. He loved that he could see my swollen nipples through the sheer fabric. He kept stroking them with his large thumbs. He also liked the way it barely covered my ass.

You did good packing that one for me, sweetie. Oh, and he loved the thigh-highs. You did good packing those for me too!

So where was I? Oh yeah…

He and I were kissing and talking on the couch and all the while, I was tenderly stroking his standing cock. Since he is a muscular six foot four, 225lbs, and you’re only five foot eleven and about 170lbs, he could pick you up like a toddler.

But I wasn’t thinking about that then.

I was thinking about the fact that he has a cock the size of your forearm. Ryan…wait till I show you the pics. His flaccid cock is bigger than yours…even when yours is fully aroused. I was lovingly kissing him and happily caressing his cock, and I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind. That’s what it felt like with my slender fingers around it – well, almost around it (wink wink)…he might be about 8 inches?

He noticed that while I was stroking it, I kept looking down at it, studying it, running my fingertips along it and admiring it. Maybe he’s 9 inches?

He asked me if I liked that.

Part One

Stay tuned for part two coming out on Saturday! Or, Maybe you’d like to hear it in my own perfect voice! Check out my audio!


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