David don’t Give a Cuck – Angels Dirty Diary – A Little Dick Cuckold Story -2

Life wasn’t easy for a little dick cuckold and Mark had to hurry when the alarm rang. He had to suck his wife’s lover’s balls to wake him every morning, David demanded it. Magen yawned stretched and got out of bed to freshen up. Slurping and smacking noises made her giggle as Marky got to work on the big meaty balls that pleasured her. He was addicted to what David’s dick did to her. David fucked her until she fainted then fucked her back to life again. Mark hadn’t seen anybody fuck like that before. Magen came back into the bedroom completely naked. Her hair fell down her back softly, her pink nipples hard and pussy wet. Marky had a ball in his mouth and drool dripping down his chin. |The suction of a ball pulling out of his mouth made a pop sound.

Davids Dick Was Rock Hard

“Hey there now you stay right there and watch little dick cuckold,” David told her husband as he turned her on all fours and smacked her ass hard. She cried out and giggled Mark stood back wide-eyed and watched the pair in quiet awe his tiny dick getting hard though it didn’t even stick out enough for anyone to notice it.

“I think your husband’s dick is hard baby, it’s no bigger than a baby’s thumb” Magen laughed hard and turned to look at Marky. David grabbed her hair and slammed his full thick length deep into her she moaned loudly and succumbed to him grinding back on him with every thrust. Marky looked down at his cock and back at the carnal scene acting out before his eyes and a tear fell down. He was so happy his wife got pleasure he couldn’t provide from David and he knew who the master was. Mark knew all he could do was serve, serve the master and serve his wife so he could be of some use since as a man he was none.

He Had To Get To Work

The two were so into their sex Mark was going to be late so he just left, got dressed in his suit and tie, and was heading for the door. When he got there David was standing in front of it waiting for him. Megan was close by watching everything go down David had his belt in his hand. Why couldn’t Mark just listen?

” I thought I told you to wait right there and watch and you were not waiting. You were disobedient!” David growled out snapping the belt ominously.

” I have to get to work,” Mark said trying to get past. David grabbed him bending him over the back of an armchair,  whipping down his pants and panties. The belt thrashed hard on his ass making several angry welts. After 100 lashes he pulled his pants back up crying and straightened his tie. “Hurry home from work for 100 more,” David said as tears welled in Marky’s eyes he ran to his car literally like a girl stuttering an ok. He wasn’t going to be sitting for weeks he should have listened he was just a little dick cuckold and David just didn’t give a cuck!

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