Dark Love, Aria gets seduced by the Devil part two


I was unashamedly plunging my tongue into his mouth. He was consuming me, as I was consuming him right back. My dark love. My hips moved of their own accord, grinding into his groin to create that blessed friction for both of us. He rips my head back by gripping the nape of my neck. We both sat there, panting with need.

You are the sweetest ray of sunlight, pulling me from the darkness I live in.” He murmurs, thrusting up into my parted thighs. My eyes droop until they are hooded and I look at him through my lashes. His spicy musk surrounding me, making me drunk on the heady feeling between us.

I hope you know I’m only-” I try to warn him, but he swallows the rest of my words with his lips. His tongue twisting and dancing with mine. My eyes close the rest of the way, and I let him distract me. His hands slowly making their way up the hem of my shirt, and any shyness over the spectator in the drivers’ seat was gone, as the tips of Dante’s fingertips reached the hem of my training bra. He broke the kiss, only to pull my shirt and training bra up over my head in one swift movement.

Before I could react, his mouth was surrounding a nipple.

His left hand was busy pinching and pulling the other, so that I was assaulted on both ends. I threw my head back and moaned low. My back arched, subsequently pushing my barely developed breasts harder into his mouth. I had no idea, where we were going, but at that moment, I didn’t care. I was with Dante, I was safe.

The car stopped, and the driver got out and walked around to open our door. Dante didn’t miss a beat, just wrapped his arms around my waist and under my ass, and stepped out of the car. He strode with purpose towards the biggest house I had ever seen. But I didn’t have to wits to put too much thought into my surroundings. Dante was still working his mouth on my nipples. His teeth had come into play, rolling my rock hard nub between his teeth and illiciting fevered whimpers from me.

The next thing I knew, I was tossed onto a massive canopied bed. Dante stood over me, powerful, domineering. The aggressively sexual aura emanating from his body had my panties practically seeping with wetness. With measured control, he slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. One at a time, with his black eyes never leaving my sprawled and half naked body.

He finally ripped the shirt off his toned torso, and his hands went towards his slacks. I sat up quickly and stopped his hands on the button. I looked up at him, gently moving his hands away. He cupped my face in his hands, gazing down at me with such a dark heat, that I almost couldn’t do the simple task before me.

I managed to undo the button, and slide the zipper down.

My hands pulled his slacks down to his thighs, and he leaned down to take my lips once again. I continued to pull the slacks down as he laid me back down, joining me by laying on top of my body. The weight of his body was so comfortable, that I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him tighter to me. With this new position, he was able to slip his hand down between my legs and under my skirt to my soaked panties.

He growled his pleasure, and his fingers made their way behind the wet cotton and his thumb pressed hard onto my swollen clit. My back arched and a moan ripped from my chest. I opened my eyes and gazed up into his dark pools, locked in place. He watched me closely as his thumb began circling around my clit slowly. He wasn’t gentle, the pressure was hard and unforgiving, but he moved so slow that it was torture to endure.

I mewled, struggling beneath my dark love. I tried to squirm to make him go faster, but he never relented. He went the same slow pace, pinning me in place. All warmth and kindness gone from his face. He was the predator, and I was the prey. His thumb continued in that circle, and I felt myself building.

The tension rising higher and higher, my moans going from soft and breathy to frantic.

Soon enough my nails dug into his biceps as I explode beneath him. My lips part in a scream, and suddenly his tongue is in my mouth, swallowing my cries of release. His kisses hungry, demanding, consuming me like a raging fire consumes wood. I’m lost in the fire in my loins, and the breath stealing kiss, that I cry out in surprise when he buries himself inside me in one fell swoop.

My nails dug once again into his flesh as his size and girth tear open my unprepared pussy. It had been so long since I had had a cock inside me, my neighbor had moved away a few years ago. So any tolerance I had for having something so big inside of me was gone. My pussy was young, tiny, underdeveloped.

I squeezed around him to tight, that he couldn’t move at first. I was squeezing him too tight for easy movement, even though I was soaked with juices. He looked down into my eyes, the darkness in his enveloping me. I felt the threat of danger hit me and a shock traveled down my spine and created a fresh release of juices. Instead of loosening, my core clenched even tighter.

His hand wrapped around my throat and he pinned me down hard into the mattress and forced his cock to move. Growling his pleasure, he began slamming in and out of my nearly virgin tight pussy. His cock pulsating hard within me I could count his pulse with my pussy. He picked up speed, pressing harder on my throat until I couldn’t breathe.

He fucked me hard, fast, without mercy.

My hands wrapped around his forearm, trying to get him to let up and let me breathe. He didn’t flinch. He thrusted like he was trying to rip open my cervix and fuck my womb. Tears sprung to my eyes and my face turned red. My vision began to go dark until it was hazy at the edges.

My began to feel lightheaded, and it was then that all I could feel was his cock piercing me. He had done it. He had broke through my cervix, but I didn’t feel pain. His cock in my womb drove me over the edge and I spasmed around him, squirting hard and making a mess as I passed out.

So he buried his cock all the way into me, his head firmly in my womb when he released the contents of his balls inside me. He roared his climax and released my throat, allowing me to breathe at last. My eyes fluttered open as he dumped his seed into me, his eyes finally melting slightly. The darkness lightening just a smidge. He wrapped his arms around my lower back and pulled us both up to a sitting position, his cock still hard and buried in me.

So I had fallen in love with the devil. I had followed him into hell. This is my home now.  My dark love, mine forever.

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