Dark Love, Aria gets seduced by the Devil part one

I have a serious weakness for dark love. The tall, dark, and dangerous man is what really gets me wet. In almost every book I read, or show I watch, I want the tall dark mafia boss. The blood thirsty vampire, the suave serial killer. Don’t ask me why, but the idea of passion mixed with danger just gets my heart racing and my pussy dripping.

I’ve always hidden my personal tastes, ashamed that I couldn’t be satisfied with the safe choice. The sweet, compassionate, earnest love interest. I needed that thrill. The fiery attraction, that might get you burned if you are exposed for too long. The reason I am telling you all this, is because I have a story to tell you. The story of how I fell in love with the devil.

I was a lot younger than I am now, naive, bright eyed, and open to the possibilities.

So I trusted people I shouldn’t have. I met him on a gorgeous September morning, on my way to school. My little brother was still using binkies, and I had developed a phase of using binkies as well. So I was walking along on the sidewalk, in a mid thigh length flared black skirt, and a pink and black striped shirt that had a scooped neckline. My hair was put in low pigtails and cascaded down my front until they ended at navel length.

So I was oblivious, walking to school without a care in the world, when a car pulled up next to me. I stopped, and bent over to look through the passenger window to look at the most exquisite face I had ever seen in my life. I would have thought he was a roman statue come to life with his jaw that must have been carved from marble. His impossibly dark eyes invited me forward, and without realizing it, that is exactly what I did. I stepped right up to the car, popping my head in through the open window.

“Do you need a ride?” His voice was low, smooth like honey, with a hint of a hard edge. I drank the sight of him in. H was wearing a dark blue button up shirt, the sleeves were unbuttoned and rolled up on his forearms, the top two buttons on the front unbuttoned as well. Paired with black slacks, and the plush interior of his car, I figured he must be lost in this neighborhood.

A man like this belonged in a penthouse suite, or in a sprawling mansion.

Not the edge of suburbia… My heartbeat was jack hammering in my chest, I was sure he could hear it. I pull the binky from my mouth, and give him a small smile. “I’m just on my way to school, I should be fine. Are you lost? I can help point you to wherever you are going if you like.” I offer helpfully. My lips slightly parted and breath just a little faster than normal.

The man’s eyes bore into me, straight down to my soul, before leaning back into his plush leather seat and shooting me a disarming smile. “Yes, that would be wonderful. I’m new in town, and don’t know my way around just yet.” My heart sped up at his words, and I could feel my moment slipping away. But I was so young, so inexperienced with men. I still hadn’t learned how to reach out and take what I wanted.

So instead, I give him directions to where he needed to go, and watched as he drove off. I spent the rest of my walk to school, drowning in disappointment. But my disappointment didn’t last for long. The very next day, his sleek car pulled up once again. This time his dark hair was damp and dripping on the collar of his dress shirt. Almost like he had dressed in a hurry after a shower and left the house.

“So we meet again pretty girl.”

His voice caresses me like that of a dangerous lover, and my heart soars at the feeling.

“Ah yes, my mysterious mafia don friend.” I joke as I lean in through the window, binky already out of my mouth. My blue eyes sparkling with mischief. “Have you gotten yourself lost again?” I tease.

He looks sheepish, and smiles at me. “Somehow I just keep ending up here instead of where I need to go.” He admits, and I giggle at how human he looked. I ask him where he is headed, and point him in the right direction. He thanks me and waves before my Dark Love drives off, and a wave of sadness settles inside me.

I didn’t need to worry, because like clockwork, he would pull up beside me every morning. Soon we started getting to know each other. His name was Dante, and he was what he liked to say “a businessman”. We both knew he wasn’t really telling the truth, but I wasn’t about to call him a liar. I was drawn to him, like a moth to flame.

His eyes, his smile, his aura called to me.

And he seemed to be just as drawn to me. One morning, I was walking down the street as slow as possible so I wouldn’t miss him. But I didn’t see any sign of his car. I reached the end of the street, where I turn onto the main road and my heart fell with disappointment. Only to feel a pair of hands pull me behind a tree.

I let out a squeak of alarm, only for it to be smothered with the soft lips of my predator. My eyes were wide open in fear, but suddenly relief washed over me. It’s Dante! I gripped the front of his dress shirt, balling it in my fists and part my lips to let him in. He spun me around until it’s my back pressed against the rough bark of the tree.

His hand caresses the side of my neck and snakes around until he has a firm grip in my long hair. His other hand wrapped around my middle with the flat of his hand on my lower back, lifting me up to reach him. Growling darkly, he pressed the length of his body against mine. He towered over me, so the press of his manhood was against my abdomen, above my belly button. He pulls back from the kiss, drinking me in as I stand there panting in obvious need.

“You’re skipping school today. I can wait no more to know how you feel wrapped around my cock.”

He demands. Electricity shot through me, and the arousal coated me in a thick blanket. I nodded weakly, giving in to this primal man.

He scoops me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He walks up over to a black SUV, and gets in the back with me still wrapped around him. I’m only mildly alarmed when there is a driver in the front, wordlessly driving off with me straddling Dante. I was walking right into the dark depths of hell, so unaware of how I was about to be tainted.

Did you enjoy part one of my Dark Love blog? Come back Sunday to read the thrilling conclusion. Or check out the Dark Love audio to hear the extreme, explicit truth of what happened.




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