Cursed Princess, Aria’s own erotic fairy tale part two

I thought I was dreaming when I first laid eyes on her. I later came to learn that she was a cursed princess from a kingdom many day’s journey from the forest. She wasn’t the first human I had seen in my long life, but she was by far the most stunning.

Her hair looked black as ink when wet against her alabaster skin. Plus her breasts were the perfect size to cup in my hand, sitting high on her chest with no sign of drooping. Her slender waist leading a gentle curve out to wider, rounded hips that hinted at a phenomenal backside. Downwards my gaze traveled, down her taut stomach, until I reached the apex of her thighs.

The slightest of thigh gaps allowed me to see her tiny slit. Even with my enhanced sight, I couldn’t see at much as I longed to see of her. My cock was so stiff it was painful, and all reason was lost on me. I wanted her. I needed her. Now.

So I stood at the bank of the stream and offered my hand to her.

Beckoning with my eyes for her to take it. Almost like in a trance, she stepped forward and took it. I pulled her close and felt the warmth of her body on mine.

I leaned in and tasted her, my lips devouring hers, eating up the soft moan that came from her parted lips. My hand snaked around her waist and down to cup her ass, but I ached for more. I lifted her up and pulled her legs around my hips so I could take her to the clearing and lay her down.

I knelt before her, between her spread legs, and drunk the sight of her in. My hands couldn’t help but caress her skin as I did so. Up her slender legs, to her hips, her waist, and up to cup those impeccable breasts. Her nipples puckered at my touch and I smiled at the mewl of pleasure she made when I squeezed both.

Her eyes seemed to beg me to end her misery, and so I obliged.

I loosened the drawstring of my trousers and pulled my cock out. I swiped my fingers on my tongue to transfer my pooled saliva, and wet the tip of my cock.

Then I lined up my cock to her entrance and pushed. I thought I would slide in fairly easily, but she gripped me immediately. Both with her hands and her pussy. She was the tightest I had ever felt wrapped around me. I didn’t want to hurt her as she was a fragile human, but I had to force my cock in all the way.

She cried out and wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her tits against me in the process. Her lips found mine and I began my rhythm, pushing in and out of her. She was so warm, and squeezed so tight, I thought I might explode within the first minute. But I wanted to savor the moment.

So I picked up the pace once it became easier to move inside. I added just enough strength to my thrusts to illicit the crazed moans my fae partners give me. I pushed all of her buttons, quickly learning all the ticks of her body. Every pinch of her nipple, every grind of my hips, every flick of my tongue on her flushed skin, every circle of my thumb on her clit brought her closer to the edge.

This woman, this ethereal human…

I wanted to feel her clamp down on me and unravel into nothing and everything. Only then would I fill her with my cum. Day turned to dusk, dusk turned to night, night turned to dawn, dawn into day, and so on. I worked on her relentlessly, never ending. Time works so differently for me than for a human.

So it was maybe a week later when I finally decided to let her over the cliff. All the buildup I had laid out forced her to cum so hard that I had no choice of my own orgasm. It was like she sucked it right out of me in revenge of delaying her own orgasm. I was trapped inside of her, dumping my seed into her womb, and yet when I looked down at her I didn’t care.

My cursed princess was still the most beautiful creature I had laid eyes on. Even if her mind was now broken. Even if she now had her destiny rewritten to be one of my playthings. That’s how it goes when a human mates with one of us. Hard not to be broken when sex lasts for days at a time.

Did you miss part one of my cursed princess blog? Find out how our dear human princess came into the cross hairs here. Or if you want to enjoy the fantasy yourself, check out my accompanying audio here.




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