Cursed Princess, Aria’s own erotic fairy tale part one

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a cursed princess. Her curse was born of jealousy. A wicked witch laid eyes upon her when she was a little girl, and could tell that she would grow up to be the fairest of them all. That knowledge burned through the wicked witch, and so she went to her workshop and got to work.

You see, the curse put on the princess made it so that anyone who looked upon her… saw whatever disgusted them the most. So while she was still the fairest of them all, no one could see it. No one, but the princess when she looked in the mirror.

The princess grew up and became more beautiful than even the witch expected. With a head of silken raven hair that cascaded down her back, skin so soft to the touch it would ruin a mortal man, and eyes as deep and captivating as the ocean, if the curse were not upon her, men would flock from every kingdom in existence.

The princess finally comes of age, and takes it upon herself to go on a journey.

Despite her loving father’s best intentions, she could not bear to remain locked away in a tower. She ached to be desired, ached to be touched, ached to feel the fiery passion of a man who wanted nothing but to worship at her feet… and between her legs.

For this princess has had enough of taking care of her own urges. She knew that there is always something that can break a curse. She was determined to find it. So our dear princess took a horse and supplies for a long journey, determined not to return until she finds exactly what she is looking for.

Months pass and our princess has traveled to several kingdoms. To every city, town, and village. She learned more about the world in those months than she had in the years locked away in her castle with tutors. In her journey, she heard whispers. Whispers of magical creatures.

Ancient and powerful, older than humans, she heard tales of the noble elves. And so she set out to find them. In all the kingdoms she visited, only one tale held the same between them all. The elves inhabit the Darkwood forest.

It didn’t take her long to reach the edge of the forest, her horse had grown accustomed to a grueling pace. A week of riding and she nearly collapsed in exhaustion. She found a good place to set up camp a little ways into the forest near a stream.

She stopped at the stream and took advantage of the clean water to freshen herself up.

It was there that she met the answer she was looking for. Completely naked and thigh deep in the stream was when she noticed the man staring at her on the other side.

The man was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. Tall, with broad shoulders, well muscled but not overtly so. Hair as dark as hers, with chilling ice blue eyes, and sinful lips that made goose flesh crawl along her bare skin. But those weren’t the reasons her heart was racing.

What had her heart racing, was the fact that the look on his face was one of hunger… of lust. This man could see her for what she was. Her world was about to make a drastic change. For the better.

Did you enjoy part one of my cursed princess blog? Come back sunday to read part two! Or if you want to enjoy the fun role play, check out the audio here.




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