Cum shave Chloe-part 2

Smiling, Andrew pushed the cart away from the bed and then returned, leaning over her to kiss the bare skin of her pussy. That beautiful pussy he just shaved. the touch of his lips was like electricity to her and she felt her pussy gush over the tops of her thighs and the juice seeping between her buttocks. Andrew mover his mouth a little lower and began to run the tip of his tongue along the tender lips of her pussy. Chloe groaned and arched her back, reaching down to guide Andrew’s kisses so that they caressed her clit.

She could feel her breasts tightening and the points of her nipples growing harder and aching for him to touch and suck on them.

Andrew lifted his mouth from her bare pussy and laid down beside her, resting the tips of his fingers lightly on her bare mound. Slowly he kissed her mouth and eased his tongue between her lips. His fingers stroked her sensitive skin for a moment and then he eased his finger slowly into her wet pussy. He could feel her hot, tight, passage gripping his finger as he slid it slowly into the bubbling wetness and Chloe whimpered into his mouth as he thrust his tongue deep.

Andrew broke their kiss, leaving her panting as he took the hard point of her nipple between his lips and flicked his tongue across the tip.

He was rewarded with another gush of her nectar, making the length of his finger slippery. Slowly he slipped his finger out of her pussy and moved his mouth to her ear.

”God you’re beautiful!” and with that, he shoved himself inside her without warning making her moan with ecstasy! This is what she’s been waiting for patiently. The surprise of his hard cock inside her made her body shiver, forming goosebumps up and down her. “oh yes” he growled in her ear. Moving slowly at first, and then picking up the pace. She felt so full having such a large cock inside her. “oh god” she moaned. He took his fingers and caressed her smooth skin. Admiring his hard work.

“Please..” she begged.

He knew what she meant and sighed. He pulled out of her and she whimpered. “rollover” he demanded and she acknowledged doing as he commanded putting a pillow underneath her to prop her up. Eagerly he stuck his cock back inside her and shoved. He could see was already close by the way her body was shaking. He leaned over her and pressed her face into the bed. Pounding into her now, Chloe’s moans were becoming erratic, loud, and muffled.


With each thrust, he hit the perfect nerve, feeling her walls tighten up around him.

Knowing he’s going to cum soon too. He grabbed her hair and pulled hard lifting her face up. “oh g-god oh fuck! “ she screamed. “harder! Oh pound me baby!” and he did so. That one nerve that makes her lose control. That one spot shot electricity throughout her body. her spine curved sharply, forcing her to bend in a shape that shouldn’t be possible. She screamed as she started squirting all over his cock making a huge mess on the bed. Watching her sent him over the edge as well, and he thrusted one last and pulled out shooting his load all over her hot slender figure. Making a huge mess. He watched as it dripped over her ass and down to her pussy. His beautiful masterpiece.

He laid down next to her, both panting heavily. “well” she said smiling at him. “I do hope that was just round one.” she teased. He laughed softly, “give me a minute to recharge, and we’ll go all fucking night.”

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