Cum shave Chloe- part 1

Chloe closed her eyes and laid back on the towels covering the bed knowing she was soon to be shaved. As she relaxed, Andrew pressed gently on the insides of her thighs and eased her legs apart, until she was spread, naked, across the bed. On a cart next to the bed he had arranged cloths and towels, with a bowl of water, expensive scented soap, and a can of shaving foam. A razor with a fresh blade rested next to the foam. On the lower shelf of the cart was a second bowl of warm water.

Moistening a cloth, Andrew gently soaped Chloe’s thighs, stroking the warm water over her skin and gently massaging her.

As his hand moved higher on her thigh, she relaxed even more and opened her legs a little wider, so that he could stroke the warm cloth over her pussy. Chloe sighed deeply as the warm cloth caressed the lips of her pussy and the hard nub of her clit, as it peeked out from between them. Andrew stroked a little more firmly, rubbing her clit with the roughness of the washcloth.

Andrew looked down at her pussy, the curls damp from his washing of her.

He put the cloth back on the cart and squirted a little of the thick, creamy foam onto his fingertips. Gently but firmly, he massaged the rich lather into the tight bushy curls that covered her sweet pussy. Chloe felt the cool slipperiness of the foam against her skin and arched her back a little to press herself against his gentle fingertips. She still had her eyes closed as she abandoned herself to the pleasure.

Andrew took his hand away and looked at Chloe’s pussy, all covered with creamy foam.

Wiping his hands, he picked up the razor and in a single sweep of the blade, swept away a wide swathe of the curls hiding the lips of her pussy. The gentle scrape of the blade and the coolness against her bare skin made her gasp and she almost protested but Andrew had swept the blade over her pussy again. It took only three strokes to shave the hair from her mound and then he settled down to the delicate business of removing the hair right up to her swollen lips. Chloe was almost trembling as he worked, desperately trying to lie still and quiet.

She could feel the delicate scraping of the blade against her tender skin and the coolness of the air in the room made her pussy tighten.

It seemed to take an age for Andrew to shave all of her pussy hair, to his satisfaction but, at last, he laid the razor aside and took a washcloth dipped in fresh water and wiped her bald pussy clean of the last traces of foam. Chloe reached down and spread her fingers over the bare skin of her pussy. She could feel her pussy moisten as she touched herself, her pussy brimming with her sweet juices.

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