You may recall where I left off, but for the purpose of, those with a bad memory I will recap it for you. I was laying in my bed listening to the rain and started to fantasize about rain play. I just woke you up and brought you to the patio. Your hard cock is currently deep in my throat, as the wind blows drops of rain onto us. 


Obviously, your dick is growing and throbbing in my mouth as I take it all the way to the base over and over again. My goal is not to stop here though so I have to reign myself in because I want to fuck in the rain. With this in mind, I start focusing solely on the tip. Taking my time licking and teasing your hard cock, while looking in your eyes. You must see the hunger in me because you suddenly grab me. Trying to bend me over the patio couch, and at the moment I almost gave in. However, I do not know when I will get another opportunity like this one. So I stop you and again ask you to follow me. 


Stepping off the patio into the rain, I head to the hammock. 


Being that, it was pouring rain I was soaked in seconds. Luckily my hair was up in a messy bun, and out of my face. I turned around to see where you were at. Only to find you were staring at me a little confused from the patio. Given that, I wanted rain play with you, I assumed you needing more enticing. So I sat on the hammock and spread my legs. Taking my rain-soaked fingers to my snatch and started rubbing. Eventually, you came to me. My hands slid from your chest down to the waistband of your boxers. As I pulled them down your mouth went to my neck slowly kissing my sweet spot. Your fingers found my nipples and you started to tug gently. Rain dripping down my face provided a lovely lubricant for my hands as I rub on your cock. 


You turn me around and bend me over so my torso is on the hammock, the rain splattering off my back. Suddenly, I feel you bite my ass cheek as you spread my cheeks with your hands. Next, your warm tongue licks my pretty little clit. The contrast from your hot mouth and the cold rain feels like heaven. Simultaneously, inserting your pointer finger into my pussy, and pinky into my ass. All the while, sucking on my hard clit, my orgasm building. It was not going to take long to get me there, after all, you’re stimulating both holes and my clit.  Not to mention all of the excitement of rain play. 


Letting loose, I cum all over your face. Letting you taste the Raynebow. 


You stand up and slide your hard dick deep into my wet juicy pussy. Wrapping your hair in my messy bun as you thrust in and out. Flashes of lighting fill the air, and the rumble of thunder covers up the sounds of my moans. The cool wet drops of rain washing the sweat away. This is exactly what I imagined it would feel like to rain play. I can feel the orgasm building again.

Your dick throbbing against my pussy walls while you give me deep, long, hard strokes. You lean down and bite my shoulder and that was all it took. I exploded all over your cock. As a result, the orgasm you were holding back came out. My sweet wet walls constricting on your cock your dick throbbed out your nut making our joint orgasm last longer than usual. Just as we finish the rain changes getting even harder. Laughing I yell last one to the house has to cook dinner for a week and take off running to the patio. 

Could you picture playing in the rain with me? As I laid here with the wand in my hand fantasizing I could almost feel your hands on me. You will want to make sure and check out the audio version in my sexy voice here. Its got lots of fun details I left out of here. This blog is just one of many and if you enjoyed it I recommend checking out my other blogs here!

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