I know that it is not just me. There is something about a rainy day that makes you just want to intertwine your body with someone else. The sound of the rain, the gloomy sky, and a warm sexy body pressed against yours just does something to the soul. It has been raining here a lot lately and it has my fantasizing about rain play. To be honest, I am laying in bed right now listening to the water splatter against the roof. Although, I am not talking about regular play in the bed, with just the sound of rain playing the soundtrack. I have no one to play with right now so I am going to have to use my imagination, are you interested in joining me? Cum play in the rain!


 I am sure we could get all wet together! So cum to my rain on Carly fantasy. 


To set the scene, I am currently laying in my bed, all I am wearing is a tiny little camisole tank and matching purple boy shorts. My computer is laying next to me and it is the only light in the room. I am laying on my side so I can type one-handed and the magic wand is in my other hand right on my clit. It is raining pretty hard at this moment, and there are low rumbles of thunder. The curtains are open and I am watching the giant drops fall from the sky. The world around me is tucked in tight sleeping through the storm, but it has had the opposite effect on me. I am wide awake and my pussy is ready to be as wet as it is outside. Of course, that is where will be going for this fantasy, outside! Into that rain. 


To begin with, it is pretty late and crappy out, and you are asleep next to me. Watching you laying there is turning me on. Although I know you need your sleep I want to play with you. I place my hand on your cock and gently start rubbing it. Of course, it responds before you are even aware of what is happening. As you get harder, I rub harder, leaning in to nibble on your ear. Your large hands wrap around me as you wake fully aroused, but I stop you. Pulling away I tell you that I have an idea and would love it if you would follow me. Standing up I slip out of my panties and tank top standing in front of you naked. Rubbing my clit so you can watch, as I tell you lets have a rain play date. 


You are not quite awake, and as a result, from me playing with you your little head is the only one really thinking. Cum play in the rain with me I say. 


Eventually, you get up and follow me through the house to the back door. The rain has slowed but only slightly, and mixed the cool fall air it almost feels chilly. Incidentally, making my bare nipples hard. Grabbing your hand I bring you onto the patio right at the edge. I can tell you are hesitant and confused so I drop to my knees prepared to make you stop thinking and just feel.

First pulling your hard shaft out of boxers, I lick from the base to the tip swirling my tongue around the mushroom-shaped tip. Opening my mouth wide I take you inside of it, all the way to the back of my throat. The wind started blowing and the cool drops of rain are hitting my bare ass, in hope that, I can get you to participate I go faster. Reaching into your boxers my hands cup your balls as I swallow that beautiful cock of yours. 


Can’t wait to finish Cum Play In The Rain? Why don’t you go check out my sexy voice telling the story in my audio version here!

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