Cum Eating Instructions Phone Sex, eat your finished product for Mistress Mackenzie part two.

Where was I in my cum eating instructions to you? Up to this present time, you have been waiting so patiently to hear my instructions continue. I bet you have been dying to explode.  Ultimately, I want you to finish, so follow my cum eating instructions and do as Mistress Mackenzie says so you can. At this moment, you should have a firm pulse-like grip right under the head of your cock. Thus, let’s work that cock a little bit faster and more now for me.

As a result of you being a good boy and listening, I want you to pump that bad boy until you want to explode- then hands off!!

In due time, I promise I will let you finish and you will enjoy every moment of it. But for now, just pace your strokes as if I was riding that cock of yours. My tits just bouncing, while my wet tight pussy has a grip on your cock. Milking and working it as if I need it to survive. Are you stroking your cock that way? At this moment, you should be mimicking my pussy movements on that thick cock of yours. Does it feel good baby? Do you want to cum?

Sooner or later, you are going to get to orgasm, Mistress Mackenzie will make sure.

With this in mind, I want you to stroke even harder and faster. Start working that cock with the goal of getting to explode in mind. Thus, these strokes should be meaningful and with intent. Mistress Mackenzie wants you to work that cock over, stroke it like you mean it. At this moment, I want you to prove to me that you want to cum, that you should be able to finish. Do you feel that build-up in your balls? Granted that, you are reaching the finish line area, you should feel it now. Your balls aching, your muscles tense up, that rolling feeling down your spine. After all, this is what you wanted, the chance to explode and cum.

Open up your hand, catch as much of it in the cup of your hand.

Oh my, look at that! So much, it looks so yummy!!! I am so jealous. This little cumslut would love to have your load, but alas I cannot where I am. Therefore, you will have to enjoy it for me! That is right, Mistress Mackenzie just told you to clean up your own cum. I want you to lick it up, suck it up, or just drop it all into your mouth. Take your tongue and dip it into your white creamy mess. At this moment, I want to watch you lap up your man goodness. Thus, you would make Mistress Mackenzie a very happy woman. Now tell me, how good do you taste?

Mmmm, so warm and thick, I am envious you are getting to enjoy it.

In a word, tell me how you feel eating your own cum for Mistress Mackenzie. I know you are aware of how happy you are making me listening to me tell you to eat this yummy explosion you have in your hand. There is still some right there, take your tongue and lick it off baby. Slowly lick it, I want you to feel every bit of your seed come in contact with that tongue of yours. If you are enjoying it as much as I am, maybe we can do it again sometime. Well, even if you are not, we will do it again sometime *giggle*

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Cum play with Kenzie!!

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