Cum Eating Instructions, eat your finished product for Mistress Mackenzie

I really do enjoy having you, orgasm just for me. Thus the little cum slut in me loves it so much! But, the fact I cannot enjoy it does really bother me sometimes. Ok, it bothers me a lot of the time. So I have been thinking of how to remedy this issue. At this moment, I think the best way is for Mistress Mackenzie to come out of her shell and tell you what to do. And, have you enjoy your cum for me.

Are you up for that, do you think you can handle my Cum Eating Instructions?

How hard are you right now? Like, can I get you harder, can you throb more for me? At this moment, I am super wet just thinking about you and your cock in your hand. In fact, I know that you are going to do everything I say to do, and that makes my pussy dripping wet. In fact, I know you love hearing how wet you make me, so it is a cycle we cause one another to enjoy. Thus, just pull out that cock and place it in your hand, make it nice hard. And lube it up for me baby, then get ready to stroke it.

Listen very carefully from this point forward.

Take a firm grip down at the bottom of your shaft and hold it as if it was my mouth down there. Then pull it all the way up to the head of your cock, right at that spot you know I like to molest with my tongue. At this moment, I want you to flex your grip a little bit, right under your head. To clarify, I want your fingers to flicker and flex to mimic a pulse, as my hum would do to it. In detail, I want that behavior to happen over and over again. At least until I say otherwise. At this moment, I want you to go a bit faster, work that cock harder baby. Do it for me! Do it now!!

To be continued ……

But if you are dying to hear how I finish my instructions, then buy the *audio* and enjoy me telling you in your ear. 

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Cum play with Kenzie!!

You know you want to, so do not stop yourself. 

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