Imagine walking into your bedroom, seeing your Boss sitting right there before you. Your heart racing as you know exactly what’s about to happen in this Cuckolding Sex Story. The thoughts you’ve had of your wife getting fucked by a real man racing through your mind. As she walks out in the sexy lingerie she bought for your wedding night.

However, how do you think it would feel watching her wear that for another man?

Watching her walk into the room, your jaw practically on the floor as you see how amazing she looks. Instantly growing hard, knowing that it’s not for you. Knowing that she hasn’t dressed like this for you in quite some time.  

So, how do you think she feels? Do you think she likes dressing up for this hunk of a man? Does she enjoy cuckolding you like the little bitch you are? Making you whimper and weep with the knowledge of how this is about to impact your life. 

Once she feels that real man cock, you will forever be just a Cuckold to her. 

Therefore her pleasure and excitement, nothing but an emotional wallet. To be used to satisfy her in every way, except in the bedroom.  This moment will be the exact moment where your sex life ended. Forever resorted to stroking it while she’s pleasured by another. 

However, maybe if you’re lucky she’ll let you clean up the mess. 

However, that’s a big maybe I’m sure. Totally depends on how pleased she is with the degree of little bitch you’re being. So, this is something that will stick with you forever. Nothing but a little clean-up bitch for the rest of your life. 

Can you imagine how excited she’s going to be once you open the door for her to sleep with real men? Allowing her the freedom to get exactly what she’s been missing from you. Her body aching when she comes across a real man. Just thinking about bringing him home to sleep with him right in front of you. 

Who needs to cheat in 2021, when the art of cuckolding is becoming more and more acceptable in modern-day society. 

People hardly ever judge based on fetishes or sexual orientation anymore. Hell, the number of swingers I have met this year alone makes that even more apparent.

Speaking of swingers, that makes me wonder. Are you open to being fucked too? I mean after he’s done, with your wife and all drippy with her cum. Are you going to bend over and let him give it to you?

Forgive me, my mind always goes there… But will you, naughty cuck?

I think the most exciting part of playing with a submissive little cuckold bitch is allowing him to bend over and really show his devotion. Whether it’s to the man’s cock, or my big fat pink sparkly dildo! 

Do you have what it takes to go that far? To really be a pleasing little slut? Or would you chicken out? Would that be just a little too much for you?

Let’s find out! Come play with me!

So, Let’s play. 

If you dare. 



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