Have you ever been intrigued by a Cuckolding Sex Story? Or maybe even some porn you ended up scrolling through on the internet? Did something about it catch your eye?? Well, something must have… In fact, you’re here reading this, aren’t you?

So the art of being a Cuckolded little bitch must have caught your eye. 

There’s something intriguing about sleeping with a man to make another feel weak and pathetic. It really strikes a chord and makes me feel powerful if you may. I love Cuckolding calls when I hear the soft little whimpers of approval. 

Hearing my sweet voice telling you about all of the vile things I intend on doing to you. From the position, you will be sitting in, to the names I will be calling you. I bet just the thought of it is making your heart skip a beat. 

My goal is to give you everything you’ve been having cuckolding dreams of. Making you totally and completely addicted to me. 

 Could you imagine how it would feel to have a massive bulky man standing right next to your woman? The feeling of being inadequate sinking in as you realize the reality of what’s happening. That sinking feeling in your stomach grows as you watch his hand slowly snake around her waist. 

Recalling what it feels like to touch her yourself. Knowing that after this, after she gets a real cock, the chance of a cuck like you getting to touch her again is slim to none. Are you willing to sacrifice everything that means something to you for satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams? Just imagine how it would feel…

However, knowing exactly what’s about to happen, you’re not new to Cuckolding… Are you?

Furthermore, you’re not new to the whole heart racing, unexpected outcome lifestyle of an avid cuckold. Obviously, desiring to have your significant other bring home new men for you to feel inferior to. That’s the whole game, isn’t it?

Submitting to something you know, isn’t normal. Watching her please the other Man all while sitting there realizing how fucked up you are. How horny watching another man touching what’s yours makes you. Instantly, all of it sinking in… You’re just a pathetic little submissive bitch, aren’t you? 

As a result, it’s just going to keep going, once you open pandora’s cuckolding box, there’s no getting away. 

Furthermore, it will always be something that wreaks havoc on your mind. Your cock growing hard at the most inappropriate times. When you’re having lunch with your boss, or maybe even your best friend… and you simply think about them cucking you, railing your wife, girlfriend, or crush. It will always be there in the back of your mind anytime you’re around someone who you consider a “Real Man.” Someone who you know has a much bigger cock than yourself. 

Someone who can give her the pleasure you and your TINY COCK will never be able to. 

So, face it, she needs a real man who can fuck her better than you ever have, and could. Give in, quit being selfish. Let her experience what it’s like to really be pleased by who you’re with. In fact, why don’t you allow yourself to be the cuckold you and I both know you are. 

I mean, you don’t really think you’re pleasing her that much, do you?

So, Let’s play. 

If you dare. 



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