Savannah’s Cuckold Trophy Wife Meets Her BBC Lover Part One

At first, I didn’t think I’d like a cuckold trophy wife. I can get any man I want because I’m fucking gorgeous. I just simply go out and pick the cock of the night to satisfy me. So what do I see in a little bitch of a cuckold? You see, I’ve found that he makes the perfect cuckold trophy wife. He worships the very ground I walk on and he takes care of the house for me. I don’t see why it should be any different. 

Obviously, I deserve to be pampered. My cuckold does that very well. I’m a true goddess. I deserve so much more than his tiny cock. That’s why he makes the perfect trophy wife because, in my house, he doesn’t have a cock. It doesn’t please me so that teeny, weeny, peeny is nonexistent. 

That’s how this all started.

My pleasure. I never really go for more feminine men. I’m still not sure why I did. Maybe I thought he’d be better at eating me out. Maybe I should have stopped at one long island ice tea that night. To say in the least, I was disappointed. Sex with a cuck was like a disappointing highschool finger fuck because his dick was an inchworm. There’s no girth. It’s two inches. He has a diet dick. Sure, it’s there. It just isn’t satisfying in any way. It leaves you craving the real thing. I’m sure it would be better if he didn’t cum in under a minute. But no. I get nothing out of this. So it’s not going to happen anymore. In fact, I’m looking for a new cock. 

You should have heard this little bitch beg for me when I told him. “Please don’t leave me, you’re everything to me.” He cried. “No, no honey. I love the perks of being with a submissive bitch of a cuckold trophy wife. I just can’t stand that joke in your pants because two inches isn’t a real man’s cock. You can keep worshiping me. You’ll just have to do it as I’m getting pleasured by a big black cock. If my pleasure is important to you, you’ll understand.

I need a masculine man because I’m a real woman. I’m aching for someone that can pound my pussy as I deserve.”. Orgasms are the best part of life and being with this cuckold trophy wife has deprived me of life’s pleasure. For that reason alone, I’ll be looking for a lover.

I found the perfect man to break in my cuck. 

I’ve been seeing him at the gym. The first time I saw him I knew he’d be mine. He was nothing like my little trophy wife at home. His toned muscles were glistening with sweat. He was more than ten times the man my little cuck bitch could ever be. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the anaconda I saw swaying in his shorts with every stride on the treadmill. This beautiful, powerful black man would be the perfect addition to our bedroom.

Once I was at the gym, catching his eye was easy. I wore my tightest sports bra and the shortest shorts because I love to show off my body. My ass hung out the bottom and my nipples were nice and hard, showing through my bra. Since we were the only ones at the gym, I walked right up to him. “I would love to have a piece of that. How about it? You can fuck me senseless at my place.”. I grinned as I pressed myself against his treadmill. Those dark brown eyes of his were on my tits the whole time. He licked his lips and agreed to come home with me.

He drove and I teased his cock on the way.

This BBC was huge! I had to get him nice and wet soo he could slide right into me when we got home. We parked and I lead him inside our home. My cuck housewife had cleaned every inch of our house for me and our guest. He even left some wine on the counter for us, because he’s such a good little cuck bitch.

After a glass of wine and some heavy petting, I led my man of the night upstairs. I wanted to fuck on our bed. He groaned as I stripped off my clothes. I made sure to wink at our security camera in the bedroom since I knew we were being watched. My cuckold trophy wife was viewing from his office tonight. Obviously, I was about to bless him with the show of his life.

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