Aurora’s Favorite Cuckold


Well, this cuckold had booked 60 mins so that he could hear the entire thing happening. So while laying there waiting I tried to not get too excited. So, when the phone rang I was ready to go. First, I laid the phone right on B’s washboard abs placing my little cuckling on speaker. Of course, I made sure to tell my favorite little cuck all of the details. I wanted him to envision us laying on the bed. My leg was thrown over B’s thigh His hard-on pressing into my calf. My hard nipples pressed into his rib cage, while his arm pulled me closer, and his big brown hand palmed my juicy ass cheek. As I said that B gave my ass a hard smack. 


The cuck moaned in excitement. Next, I pulled out that monstrous shaft and began to lick up and down pressing the tip of my long tongue against that yummy king-sized candy bar. In between licks, I made sure to tell my little cuck how big this cock was compared to his baby carrot. I mean it is really quite comical. Why would I ever let him fuck me when I could be fucked by this beautiful long dicked black man? That his place was to sit in a chair at the end of the bed. I told him if he could behave while I cam that maybe I would let him take that clitty out of its cage and play with it while I went for round two. 


My little cuckold was so excited all he could do was gasp and moan in response. 


Next, I took that fat head into my mouth. Slowly going deeper and deeper. Letting him hear B’s moans and my gagging and sucking. Reminding him every so often that his cock wouldn’t go past my teeth, and this one was down my throat. B wanted to return the favor his strong arms picked me up and sat me on his face. Spreading my lips and cheeks he buried his face deep in my snatch. Moaning loudly with his cock in my mouth had a lovely effect on my cuck. One of my favorite things about B is he is going to make sure I cum until I am drained, and he ate my pussy and crack just the way I like it. I cam all over his face. 


Finally, we were ready to fuck! He lifted my ass off his face and slid me down his body. The phone went right down by my pussy. I wanted him to hear just how wet and gushy it sounded when that dick plunged into my sweet hole. Stretching me, as it filled me I moaned loudly. B’s hands played patty cake on my ass. My cuck moaned and whined. After just a few minutes I slid off B and told my cuck I was releasing his weenie. Telling him I was going to press it up against B’s cock so he could feel and see the difference as I sucked my juices off the cock. 


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