Aurora’s Favorite Cuckold


One of my favorite things about being the cuckold queen is having my cake and eating it too. Clearly, a Goddess like myself deserves nothing but the best, so I just love when a man is willing to admit that he needs me to cuck him. He can offer me many things, but he knows that sex with him will never be adequate. Now, there are many different kinds of cuckolds and I love them all. I have some who love to watch, and others who just want to hear about my slutty activities. Also, I have a few fluffers and some who call in just to listen to me get fucked by a big giant black cock. Each one brings me a special kind of joy and pleasure. 


Well, I do have my favorite though. He is special to me because he likes a little of everything. It all depends on the mood he is in, and the mood that I am in. Our calls are always a ton of fun. I would love to share with you one of the best calls that me and him shared. We have actually recreated this particular many times and it is always amazing. We all have so much fun doing it. He set up an appointment a few days in advance. The reason for this is he wanted a very particular kind of play. He wanted me to pick a boy toy to come and fuck me really hard while he called in and listened. 


This particular cuckold likes me to be a Queen of Spades. 


Obviously, I wanted one of my more skilled, very kinky boy toys so I made a few calls and picked one. For the sake of the call and this blog, we will call him B. B is 6y feet tall and has a lovely 11-inch chocolate cock. He has a fat mushroom-type head and juicy veins that you can feel the blood and cum coursing through. We have been fucking for about 3 years and it is always great. When I told him what I wanted from he was excited. Of course, he was down to try cucking this guy with me. As the day of the appointment approached I got more and more excited. 


B showed up about 20 mins before the appointment wearing what I refer to as his hoe pants. Gray sweat pants that show his print off nicely. We went into my bedroom to prep for the call. I was wearing a black lace crotchless bodysuit and felt incredibly sexy. He took off his white tee and sneakers and climbed onto the bed patting the space next to him. I curled up against him pressing my tits against his bare chest and we began kissing and rubbing. Getting each other hot and bothered before the call. By the time the phone rang his sweatpants had a nice little tent going on and a wet spot from precum. This call was going to be amazing I just felt it down in my throbbing twat. 


Want to hear how this ends well you must go get the audio

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