Cuckold Sex & How I Humiliated My Friend’s Baby Dick Boyfriend Part 2

Turning around, I grabbed my girlfriend’s hips and pulled her ass up so it was level with my strapon cock. I was going to have some cuckold sex with her and I didn’t even have a real dick. Then, I took one of my hands and slipped it between her legs. Holy shit, she was soaking wet!

Not that I could blame her. Using both hands, I spread her pussy lips apart and my thick cock and pushed the tip in. She wiggled and moaned while she pushed back against it. Despite the fact that we were having a difficult time getting it inside her tight pussy, she was loving every second of it. She was so eager to fuck a cock that would stuff her pussy.

I fucked the shit out of his girlfriend’s tight, dripping pussy. I did this all while I was telling him what a sad, pathetic sack of shit he was for not being a real man. For not being able to satisfy her sexual needs. I pounded her pussy and made her cum over and over. The mess she made soaked into the couch while her boyfriend sat there diddling his big clit.

“This is what she needs,” I taunted him, “a cock. What do you have? I’m not sure what it is, but I do know what you don’t have. You’re useless and we all know it. It’s so bad that I have to come in here with a cock that isn’t even real. A fake cock is better than your real baby dick. How does that feel?”

After the fourth time, I made her cum, I slipped it out of her.

She backed herself up trying desperately to have that cock deep in her pussy. I shook my head and once again looked at her boyfriend. “See? You’re so bad at sex that she’s desperate. Look at how badly she wants my cock. She’s never wanted that pathetic lump of skin between your legs this badly, has she? No, I didn’t think so. Here,” I walked over to him and stuck my strapon in his face, “suck on it. Clean it off. Taste her satisfaction on this cock.”

As he eagerly lapped at my dripping strapon, I laughed.

It was a real, genuine laugh that wasn’t exactly malicious. I was really finding this incredibly funny and I couldn’t help myself. He’d never been able to make his girl feel this good. Here I am in like half an hour making her cum four times on a cock that wasn’t even real. It was fucking hilarious. And, admittedly, a little pathetic. I have to say, I felt sorry for my friend for having to put up with this sexual failure.

So, now I’ll have to make it a point to go over there at least once a week so the poor sex-deprived girl can get fucked as she deserves. Especially because it’s quite obvious this looser had no idea what he was doing. Maybe one of these days I’ll have to show him how it feels to get fucked by a big cock, but we’ll just have to see. Who knows, I might even start a poll on Twitter about it when this pandemic clears up.


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