Cuckold Sex – I Deserve More Than 4 Inches Part 2

Why did my neighbor go out and find me a real lover? Because he wanted to see me happy and satisfied. He was still sad about the small dose of humiliation I gave him but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t work through. After all, he knew as well as I did that he didn’t have what I needed. In fact, he was lucky I was giving him anything at all even if it was cuckold sex.

He knocked on my door a few days later and with him, he brought what I wanted. The guy who accompanied him was tall and broad-shouldered. Just looking at him I knew his cock would be huge. It would fill up my pussy and make me squirt so hard.

If you want all the details about how we made it to my room, you’ll have to check out my audio.

Anyway, there we were on my bed. My neighbor was being good sitting on a chair rubbing his pants while my lover and I made out. Speaking of pants, my lover’s crotch was pressed up against my leg. I was on my back with my arms wrapped around his neck. His hands were on my chest groping my tender tits and pinching my sensitive nipples.

My body was aching to be stuffed with a massive dick.

So, my hand reached down to really get a feel for the size I was working with. My eyes flew open in surprise because he was packing way more than I had anticipated.

Greedily, I pawed at his pants, desperate to set that monster cock free of its’ confines. My mouth watered as I saw it. It was veiny, long, and so thick I couldn’t wrap my hand around it.

I turned to my neighbor. “Look,” I demanded. “This is a cock. It’s a beautiful one, too. He has to be at least twice your size.”

My neighbor only gazed at us longingly. I knew he wanted to be there with my hand wrapped around him. But, let’s be honest, I’d only need my thumb and pointer finger to jerk him off.

I turned my attention back to my well-endowed lover. My mouth wrapped around him and I hungrily began to suck his cock. I started bobbing my head up and down on him. He hit the back of my throat and made me gag and splutter. I continued despite that, relishing every inch he had.

He jerked his hips upward as he started fucking my face.

Drool dripped out of the corners of my mouth. He pushed me off of him and I sat on my knees on the bed panting. Partly because of the throat-fucking he’d just given me and partly because the need to feel him inside me was getting more difficult to contain.

While my neighbor watched, I got on my hands and knees. I stuck my ass in the air and arched my back. Reaching back, I spread my pussy lips apart for my lover. As he slid the tip of his thick cock up and down my slit, I stared at my neighbor. Smiling, I told him all about how he was going to watch me get pounded so hard. I deserved more than four inches. Then, because I’m nice, I told him what a good job he did finding me such a big cock to fuck.

I was about to laugh, but as I opened my mouth, my lover thrust himself deep into my dripping hole. My expression turned from amusement to one of pleasure. Moaning, I pushed back onto his cock.

I had such an amazingly good time that night and I would love to tell you all about how many times he made me cum. It would be so much fun to have you watch.

Thank you for reading my cuckold sex blog! I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

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