Cuckold had to learn a lesson Part Two

So we left off where poor little cuckold “P” was watching me suck my stud’s cock. He was so jealous! I was laughing at his pitiful attempts to seduce me into fucking him instead. Why would I fuck a cuckold with a small cock when I could fuck a huge glorious cock like my lover’s? I just shoved that pitiful little man to the side so that my huge black stud could slide that massive cock inside me. Poor little cuckold boy had to get all up close and personal and watch that huge dick stretch my pussy out.

He did not like that at all.

He whined and begged and pleaded for me to let him fuck me but I just said no. He cried some more, I ignored him. How could I concentrate on a weak lil cuckold when I had a real man’s cock inside me? He sounded like he was about to cry, he kept begging me to please let him fuck me but I kept on telling him no. Honestly I was beginning to get annoyed by him, all that bitching and whining was too much.
I had to do something else to shut him up. Just watching us fuck was driving him crazy but it just wasn’t enough.

I decided to be cruel.

I figured that would really drive the point home, yanno? I made that poor little whiny cuckold lie down on the bed and I kneeled above his face. He was very excited at first and I’m sure he was thinking that I was going to allow him to eat my pussy. I wasn’t going to make it that easy for him though. I sat myself just out of reach and called my lover over. He slid that huge black cock back inside my dripping wet pussy and fucked the shit out of me. That poor lil cuckold was trapped there under us. My lover’s balls were slapping against his forehead and my juices flowed down to drip all over his face.

I had full access to cuckold’s pitiful little cock but did I touch it?

Nope. Not even once. Not even after he begged and cried. I wouldn’t let him touch it either so it just sat there like a little white worm twitching and leaking pre cum everywhere. He told me I was a cruel Mistress to make him suffer like that. He cried and whined and begged the whole time I was fucking my lover. So finally just to shut him up I sat on his whining mouth.

My lover had just filled me up with a hot load of cum and cuckold got to taste it all. I don’t think he was expecting quite so much of it. He hesitated at first but the desire to taste me won out over all his fears and he just lapped up every bit of our love juices. He was so excited to be able to lick my pussy that he came all over the place without even touching that little dick of his. Isn’t that the most pathetic shit you’ve ever heard?

If you missed part one you can go back and check that out here. If you want something even spicier, you should get my audio!

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