Cuckold had to learn a lesson Part 1

Some of you may not know this but I am very much a size queen. If you aren’t packing at least ten inches what’s the point? I need to be filled up with a huge cock to be truly satisfied. Honestly men with small cocks are for the most part completely useless. No woman on earth wants to fuck a man with a tiny penis and when they do it’s only out of pity or greed. But don’t you worry I still have a use for those little dick men that have a nice fat wallet. They can be my cuckold.

I love teasing and tormenting a good cuckold so much. The way they beg and plead to be allowed to touch me at all just gets me hot as fuck. I know that I can deny them sex. Humiliate them. Degrade them all for my own amusement. I’ve made some men go months without any satisfaction at all. Sometimes I even lock them up in a little cock cage. That poor little cuckold can’t even stand up to pee let alone masturbate. The whole time those little dick losers have been going without and I have been fucking whoever I want.

Cuckold men don’t complain about stuff like that.

They know that if they want a beautiful woman like me in their life they need to accept the fact that I can fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. They on the other hand can’t fuck anyone or anything unless I say so. I have a great example of a man like that, let’s call this cuckold “P”. He loves to be my cuckold even though I torture him every single time. He just keeps on coming back for more.

Just picture it.

There I was in my favorite lingerie, looking sexy as hell. I had on a black and pink corset top with tiny black panties to match along with sheer black thigh highs and 6 inch black heels. When “P” walked in he just stopped and stared at me like he had never seen anything so beautiful before. He smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss but I just pushed him away. I told him that I had a date coming by and I didn’t want him to mess up my makeup. He was disappointed of course but why should I care? He sat on the couch and sulked like a spoiled brat but I just ignored him.

My stud was coming over and I had no interest in making a whiny cuckold happy.

When my stud arrived “P” tried to leave the room but after all that whining and crying I wasn’t about to let that happen. I told him to sit right back down because he was going to be watching every second of my fun. I made him get down on his knees with me when I sucked my lover’s cock. This thing was massive and I wanted my cuckold to have a very good view of that giant thing sliding down my throat. Cuckold boy tried to reach over and touch my pussy to see how wet it was but I just slapped his hand away, he did not deserve to touch my honey pot.  I had to shove him away, can you believe that? This cuckold needed to learn his place and the best way to do that was to make him watch me fuck my stud.

Stay tuned for part two to find out how I broke that cuckold in. If you just can’t wait you can find the audio here.

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