Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina

Recently, my cuckold beau of six years disengaged from me. Well, the truth is that we broke up. Break-ups are usually hard to do, but this time, it was so very easy. I will tell you why it was so easy. He is not fulfilling any of my needs, except financially. Now, he no longer provides financially.

My cuckold fiancé and I have known each other for almost eleven years. We courted in the new/old-fashioned way. It started as an online friendship. We both love to write. It was an easy transition to writing together contributing pieces of a story back and forth in chat. Before yahoo shut down their messenger, we sat for hours writing. He wrote the male characters and I wrote the female ones. It was erotic writing and excited us both.

Our relationship grew from friends and writing partners to a more intimate one. Little did either of us know that he would be my cuckold beau We both seemed to have so much in common. We had what I thought were similar backgrounds and experiences. I have more sexual experience than him. He seemed to love that aspect of my personality. He loved my free-spirit too or so it seemed, but it was the furthest from the actual truth.

After about four years of writing in messenger and talking on the phone, I met my soon-to-be cuckold fiancé in person. His personality and desire for me made up for his slight lack in the looks department. Despite the fact that he wasn’t as physically attractive as I was used to in a suitor, I agreed to marriage. Another slight bummer was his average cock size. I admit that I’m a bit of a size-queen. I like a big cock and I am unashamed.

Initially, he made up for his size in the way he used what he had to the best advantage.

It was a daily ravishing and I loved it! Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until a good year into our engagement and living together that my soon-to-be cuckold beau was using steroids and Cialis to keep me satisfied and he is six years younger than me. All of this he did with the goal of impregnating me. He knew that I was fertile because I already had a daughter. In fact, I got pregnant early in our online relationship much to his delight. I was thinking it a little strange at the time that he was so enthusiastic about my pregnancy by another man. Although, I thought him sweet and very accepting. My daughter’s father wanted nothing to do with me or her for that matter in the early years.

The worm started to turn a little with my cuckold fiancé after we’d been engaged and living together with my daughter for about 2 years. I encouraged a relationship with her biological father even as I encouraged a father/daughter relationship with my cuckold fiancé for my daughter’s sake. Both men were accepting of their roles in my life and my daughter’s life, but that was about the time that my sex life started to slow down a lot. The only thing that I can think of as a cause is that he gave up on getting me pregnant. So he was no longer interested in putting any effort into good sex or even the simple intimacy of kissing, hugging, or cuddling. He started to purposefully go to bed extra early knowing that I did not.

Part 2 of 4 coming in 2 days!

Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina parts 1-4!

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