Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina Part 4

No apologizing to my cuckold beau, I say to my lover, “Come on baby, I want to suck my pussy juice off your dick and get you hard again.”  We completely ignore my fiancé and I am going down on my knees again with my lover’s semi-erect cock in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see my fiancé almost drooling at the sight of me with my lover’s big dick in my mouth and his hand was a blur on his own dick. It wasn’t long before my lover was ready to go again. I know it turned him on to show off right in front of my fiancé. Neither one of us cares what my fiancé is doing and at that moment, we are thinking that we would soon be moving in together.

Right in front of my cuckold fiancé, my lover lifted me up onto the table this time and pulled my legs apart to slide right into my eager cunt. He was really putting on a show now. His dirty talk became downright nasty and it included humiliating my fiancé. “This cunt is mine now! Look at my big, black cock stretching your fiancé’s cunt open! She’ll never be satisfied by your tiny, white dick again! She’s mine now.” my lover said loud and proud. When he stopped, I could hear my fiancé in a much quieter voice say, “Please, please fuck her good. Please cum in her pussy. Please get her pregnant.”

I laughed at his pathetic pleas and lost myself yet again in the rhythm of my lover’s strokes.

As I was cumming yet again, my eyes flew open when I heard a moaning coming from my cuckold beau. He is watching. I’m getting fucked better than ever. My beau knows he has never fucked me this good and his cock is cumming more than I had ever seen. He was getting off on being a cuckold. In all the years that I had known him, he’d never once mention the desire to be a cuckold. In fact, he’d never talked about interracial sex at all. Yet, his load of cum was the biggest that I’d ever seen come out of his average dick.

My cuckold fiancé stood motionless as my lover finished up cumming deep in my pussy again. Then my lover did something that I never expected. He went over and grabbed my fiancé by the back of the neck, dragged him over between my legs, and shoved him down into my pussy dripping our combined cum. To my huge surprise and delight, my fiance began to clean my pussy. This was beyond erotic! I shoved my hips up and face fucked him while my lover held him down. My lover and I both laughed when my fiancé came again while eating up my sloppy cum-filled cunt.

This became the norm for me, my Nubian lover, and my cuckold beau for the last 3 years.

Recently, my cuckold fiancé broke up with me and I’m so happy. The fiancé hopes that I get pregnant with my black lover’s child. Although, he has no idea that my lover is fixed. My lover didn’t want to have children. My fiancé was a ‘fake’ cuckold and I never told him the truth because it was just too much fun to humiliate and degrade him. It made our fucking all that much more exciting. 

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