Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina Part 3

Despite or because of my cuckold fiancé, he pushed me down to his hard, black cock and we kicked things off with me drooling and sucking his cock off. I love his cum! He always comes hard and has thick, creamy ropes of cum. The kind of cum that a cumslut like me yearns to taste and swallow down. Then it was my turn to be on the receiving end while his cock took a little rest. He grabbed me up, brought me into the kitchen, put me on the counter, and spread me wide so he could taste my already dripping cunt. He’s so good at eating me out and has told me numerous times that I have the sweetest pie he’s ever eaten. I love his ‘pillow talk’! Soon, I was screaming his name and my cunt was gushing in his mouth and all over his face.

We kissed, deeply with me on the counter and him standing close to me and no thoughts of my cuckold beau in my head. I could feel he was rock-hard again. I wanted him to bury it in me deep and told him as much. Instead of fucking me right there spread wide on the kitchen counter, he grabbed me up, spun me around, and bent me over the kitchen table. Then he has buried himself deep in my still quivering pussy. It was amazing! He grabbed me by the hip with one hand and the other tangled into my long, brown hair. He pulled my head back by my hair and slapped my ass as he began to fuck me like a bitch-dog in heat. I was in heat!

I was so hot for him and his big, black cock that I didn’t see my cuckold beau at all.

My lover was so into fucking me that he didn’t see my cuckold fiancé either. There I was on the kitchen table that the fiancé had bought for ‘our family’ being fucked like a slut by my black boy toy. I was screaming out his name and begging him to fuck me harder and harder. He made me cum again with that massive dick. I squirted all over him and nearly passed out from the sheer, unbridled pleasure. About four or five strokes more was all my lover could take of my pulsing, juicy pussy before he let loose deep inside of me. Then we both noticed my fiancé.

I took in the sight of my cuckold beau standing there watching us fuck. It was obvious that he had been watching silently for quite a while. He’d brought home roses. I had forgotten that it was the anniversary of our engagement, but he had not. The dozen roses were on the floor and so were his pants and underwear. He still had on his work shirt though and his cock was harder than it had been in two years. He was stroking his average, white-boy dick fast and furiously. My lover and I were stunned. Now would’ve been the time to stammer out some stupid apology under normal circumstances, but he seemed more turned-on than I had ever seen him.

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Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina Part 4

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