Cuckold Fiancé, Mail-Order BBC Boy Toy for Katrina Part 2

It was half tempting to take up a purely sexual relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t want things to be confusing for my daughter if we got caught by her or my cuckold fiancé. Then a girlfriend shared a secret service with me that would lead to me to the perfect Nubian stud. Men have been doing mail-order foreign brides for ages. Now, there are mail-order boy toys for women. She told me that it was an extremely discreet service and there were all sorts of kinds available. A woman couldn’t simply order from them. I needed a referral and she gave me exactly what I needed.

I received a large manila envelope that contained an order form and a two-inch-thick catalog a week after discussing the secret of having a cuckold beau with my friend. Surprisingly, it contained men from all walks of life that lived within an hour’s drive from my current location. There were men of all races, ethnicities, and religions. These men were all single men that were offering their sexual services and with the proper incentive, some indicated that they would impregnate a woman. The ones that never disappoint when it comes to carnal sex were black men and their big, black cocks. Now, I’ve entertained a wide variety of men, but

Naturally, I gravitated to the section with the biggest black cocks perfect to outdo the cuckold fiancé too. In the beginning, I wasn’t intending to let my fiancé know even though we’d pretty much stopped having intimate relations. The sex dried-up barely two years into our engagement. I was all for being discreet and keeping this from him. More importantly, keeping it all from my daughter. It’s how things started, but now how they ended.

I picked a very fine black man.

Unlike my cuckold beau, he’s the best fuck of my lifetime! He has a cock that is ten inches long when fully hard and nearly as thick as a coke can. He is a businessman and isn’t doing this for money even though he has been compensated for the first few times. Soon, we were fucking on the regular without the monetary business arrangement. Three years ago as I was preparing to break up with the fiancé and try more than fucking with my BBC lover, we got caught.

The cuckold fiancé was arriving home much later in the evening. So, it happened on one of the rare times when my daughter was visiting her biological father. I’d dressed for my lover in a slutty, black baby-doll nightie that left little to the imagination. I was wearing thigh-high stockings, garters, and platform, spike-heeled 5″ heels. I was not wearing panties.

While my cuckold beau was away, my lover arrived and had an instant boner as soon as he saw the outfit I purchased for him. It was a slutty outfit. We were so hot for each other and never feared that anybody would interrupt us for the hours we’d set aside to play that we were on each other almost before the door shut. We forgot to lock it in our fervor. Even as I was pawing at his belt and pants, he was ripping the baby doll of me and sucking on my hard nipples. We were right there in the living room like two hot, horny teenagers.

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