Cuckold BBC How the teacher cuckolded her millionaire husband Part 2

Amanda had met “the one”.  Not her husband, Steve.  It was Daryl.  She told me that this man, Daryl, was dark, handsome, built, big and black and was not only new to the middle school she worked, but also the city where they lived.  As my mouth was agape, she showed me a picture of this Mandingo. I almost fell out of my chair – talk about a real man.  Of course, Daryl was huge and that cock wasn’t hard but of course, you could just see that big thick bulge.  Not to mention that just the thought of that monster pushing inside her was making me wet. I begged her to tell me the whole story.

Their story begins when they met the first night at the convention, there was an instant connection.  They had dinner together, they had a couple of drinks, did a little bit of flirting, then they wound up back in his hotel room.  There, he proceeded to ceremoniously and patiently stretch, fuck, and gape both of those tight pink holes.  Every morning they were there, and every night.  All night. 

She told me it took him over an hour to stretch her pussy to the point where he could even fit the head of this huge dick. Moreover, she bragged that his cock was the size of a zucchini. She loved his cock because was thick, rock hard, black and veiny. My mouth started to water and I was sitting on the edge of my seat coaxing her for more.  I couldn’t imagine her having a nice big black cock it like that for the past six months and not tell me (or share with me)!

An affair imagined.

For six months they continued their affair.  They would fuck in his Escalade, these cheaters, taking every opportunity, every day before school they would fuck. Every day at school they would find a spot in the school’s maintenance room, every lunch hour break or teachers reprieve they got they would fuck.  After school, they would fuck in the gym office. Apparently, they had christened every single inch of the teacher’s lounge, the gym, and every bathroom in the school.

She had it bad, she was in love with that large dark dick.  I asked her what Steve said when she told him.  He begged to watch her get fucked.  Steve wanted to see how Daryl was stretching her tight little cunt open. He wasn’t mad at all.  He knew something had been going on.  As evidenced by when he had tried to have sex with Amanda when she first got back from the convention, she was so loose from getting plowed for five days straight by that big black cock that he just kept slipping out of her. 

Steve learns his true calling.

Curious, when he went down to lap her up and said that she tasted different but that he liked it, and loved being her cuck hubby.  Steve had been begging her to take pictures and videos of sexy time with Daryl. Every time she came home he started to beg her to eat her pussy. Within weeks, Daryl moved in with them and she and Daryl stay in the master bedroom while Steve lives in the back guestroom.  Additionally, when he’s good, Steve gets to sit outside the door and listen while she gets pounded over and over.

She’s in love with that big black cock.  That cock that stretches her open and fills her up, that cock that squeezes inside her four and five times a day.  She couldn’t wait to get home from school every day to remind Steve how he’d been turned into her little cum dump cleanup boy. 

The best cuckold BBC slut and the best dark dick make her world heaven on earth.

Finally, she did have the best of both worlds – a nice big hard black cock to satisfy her every day, and a turned millionaire cuckold husband to make sure she was cleaned and pampered.  Also, Steve didn’t know it, but Amanda told me that she was pregnant she couldn’t wait to tell Steve he was going to have a black son to raise. 

As a matter of fact, Amanda went on to say that Steve’s little dick was no comparison to Daryl’s.  I had no idea, given that Steve was always so confident. You wouldn’t think a man with a 3-inch clit and a little cuckold BBC fetish would have such swagger. I guess it was the money…


If you missed the first part of this story, go to Part1.  Check out my audio blog.  Want to hear more of Chrissy’s stories?  Call 877-700-2175

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