Cuckold BBC How the teacher cuckolded her millionaire husband Part 1

I knew Amanda loved to cuckold her men with BBC.  My friend Amanda and I have been friends since high school.  We did everything together. Hers was the first pussy I never tasted and she and I would critique all the guys that we let fuck us behind the bleachers at school.  Her dad was my first Italian cock. She was almost as horny as I was.  I was surprised when she told me she was getting married right after graduation.

Steve was a great guy, a self-made millionaire – quiet but strong.  I went on to fuck hundreds of large dick guys in college, and she did an online college to get certified to teach math. When she called to say she had something to tell me, I was curious. I knew that she loved Steve, but she told me at the wedding that she was so happy that he always did every little cuck thing she wanted that no matter what, she was going to make it work. 

Moving Ahead

At the time I thought what a strange thing to say on your wedding day, but I brushed it off. It’s been a few years, and I just thought maybe it’s time, maybe she’s telling me that they’re finally pregnant.  Maybe she’s telling me that they were ready to move ahead in their relationship and wanted me to join in, or maybe she was going to tell me about finally making Steve a cuck. 

I was excited to see Amanda and meet me at a coffee shop a couple of miles from my house.  She looked amazing – almost like looking in a mirror, but her boobs were smaller than mine.  She was glowing – she must be pregnant, I was excited to hear the news. I was thinking maybe I was going to be a godmother.  Ok – I will show up for birthdays, no problem.  

The found that large dick she was looking for.

Imagine my shock when she gave me a big hug, sat me down with a grinning from ear to ear and said: “I’m in love.”  Ok. I said, “I know you’re in love I was at your wedding.” She replied: “No, I’m really in love. I’ve found “the one” that large dick I can’t stop thinking about, that I want to be with always.” 

I had no idea that her marriage was on the rocks I thought for sure she would have called me to tell me at some point if something this important had happened. She went on to tell me that not only was she in love but she thinks that she might now, finally, have the best of both worlds and everything she ever wanted.  I begged her to tell me what was going on. 

It turns out she met someone at work. The school where she had been teaching math for the past year hired a new P.E. teacher six months ago. She had met him while they were both at a teacher’s convention out of town. 


Come back on Friday for Part2 of my Cuckold BBC  Story.  If you can’t wait until then check out my audio blog.  If you really liked this story, check out Alexis’ BBC Lover blog.


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