Cuck Queen- How I Became the Cuck Goddess I am – Part Two


Obviously, you came back for round 2! After all, who wouldn’t want to hear all about how I got into being a dirty little cuck queen. I guess it wasn’t a far stretch I already loved being fucked by big black dick, letting my juicy fat ass be their cum dumpster. Did you get this audio, or did you miss my sample of what you could get if you set up an appointment to be my little cuck? Are you enjoying me being your cuck queen? Did you read that blog I sent you to? Tell me what you thought. Honestly, I am just dying to know if it makes your dick jump with excitement? Telling you about it makes my pussy throb that is for sure!


Admittedly, we were both naked and rubbing each other before I could even get my cuck billed. We can not seem to get enough of each other and it had been a few days since the last time we fucked.  His hands were busy exploring my body as the phone rang to connect the call. Simultaneously, his big juicy fat dick pulsated and throbbed. Bringing my mouth down to that monstrous shaft I opened up wide and swallowed it whole. There is something special to be said about having no gag reflex with a dick this big, as I am able to get it past my tonsils and all the way into the back of my esophagus. It is probably one of the reasons that he just loves fucking me. Making sure that the phone was on speaker I laid it down next to me and cupped his heavy balls. 

Time to become the best cuck queen ever! Sucking his giant shaft as if my life depended on it.


Each and every time I would pull that BBC out of my mouth long enough to speak I would address my little cuck. Obviously, this was as much for him as me. B reached around grabbing handfuls of my fat ass in his hands making it dance and jiggle. Once his dick was good and covered with my saliva he turned me around. Pushing my juicy ass into the air he spread my cheeks. To be honest, having someone listen to us fuck was driving me insane. My pussy juice was dripping down my thick thighs. He plunged deep into my twat causing my body to buck and spasm. Man do I love that giant chocolate dick. Being a cuck queen is turning out to be so much fun was all I could think. 


Granted, I could not get totally lost in this hot fuck fest as I had a caller that needed my attention. I held my orgasm back some. As a result, when I finally did cum it was that much harder. Well, maybe it was not just the fact that I held it while my favorite dick delivered deep long strokes into my wet tight slit. Additionally, we had an audience, one who was enjoying it as much as I was. Once my walls started to dance and spasm letting loose a shit ton of cum B followed. Of course, leaving a juicy cream for a good ole cuck to lick off. Shortly after my favorite cuck called back ready to discuss what he had heard and just how much he loved me being his cuck queen.

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