Cuck Queen- How I Became the Cuck Goddess I am – Part One


In my marriage, I would not say I was unsatisfied, because he made sure I got off, even if I did fake it often. Honestly, I just assumed that was a normal part of long term relationships. After all, most of my friend’s husbands didn’t even seem to care if they came as long as they did. When I became a widow and started exploring I finally realized just how much I could cum, and I also discovered just how much I loved BBC. Although I have always enjoyed a bit of voyeurism, I had never considered the idea of having a good little cuck or for that matter, being a cuck queen.

Until I had a client who asked if I had someone who would fuck me while he listened. Well, needless to say, that changed everything!


Obviously, this was all new to me, but I had the perfect guy in mind. B the guy in my stories and I are so sexually compatible it is a little uncanny. Not only does he make me squirt every time we fuck, but we have the same views on sex. Fuck it we only live once and can’t knock it till you try it. When I called him up and told him what I had in mind and asked for his help in making some money, of course, he obliged. In other words, he got to fuck me, while I told someone just how great his dick was and we got paid for it. The thought was thrilling that was for sure. Now, I was pretty familiar with the cuckold fetish and how it worked, at least, in the fantasy world. 


Actually having a cuck was a very different experience.


To be honest, I was quite nervous at first. We did quite a bit of research on how to implement it correctly. After all, with a paying client, I needed to make sure he enjoyed the experience as much as I did. Glad that he set up the appointment for almost a week later so that I had time to get it perfect. That is the thing about me I am a true perfectionist! Watching cuck porn and reading erotica was a lot of fun, obviously, it started a ton of playing as well. The research was almost as fun as I imagined the call would be. Still, I was a bit nervous at the thought. This was so very new to both of us, I did not want to fuck it up.


So, here we are on the day of the appointment, and I am so very horny! B showed up about 15 mins before the appointment and we were sitting in my room. He seemed to be as horny as I was. His giant dick print was showing through his gray sweatpants. Of course, I did not want to really start before the call, so I just rubbed up and down on his shaft through that soft warm material. Kissing and rubbing is my ideal foreplay and my panties were dripping wet when the phone finally rang. I was so very ready to be fucked that all my nerves seemed to vanish. The idea of someone hearing just how good this big black cock made me feel was exhilarating. Getting through the billing was proving to be difficult as his joystick jumped against my thigh.


Are you enjoying learning just how I got into being a big ole Cuck Queen? Did you know that you could call and listen as I got fucked? Well, I am sure you are going to want to check out this audio because I am going to give you a bit of a sample. Also, make sure you check out my other hot cuck blogs!

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