Crossdressing Sissy – Sophie’s Playmate Part Two

I had you wait outside like the good little crossdressing sissy slut I knew you could be. You were so nervous because it was your first time and you were standing out in public for everyone to see how pretty you were.

He drove up just a few minutes later. When he got out of the car, he looked you up and down taking in every inch of your newly transformed body. Every inch from your perfectly manicured nails to your succulent legs. You were spectacularly beautiful and everything he had hoped for. He made you pirouette for him and finish with a courtesy.

The two of you walked arm in arm into the house where I was waiting in a sexy outfit of my own. It, of course, didn’t outshine yours but I wanted to look presentable, too.

I’d been waiting for such a long time to play already that I didn’t want to waste any time. I was going to make sure we got right down to playtime. At the end of the day, it was still about me having a good time. Your job was to be my good crossdressing sissy slut by making sure my friend got off.

I ordered you to your knees and you complied obediently like my good little sissy whore. Hesitantly, you reached into his pants and pulled out his throbbing hard cock looking at it wide-eyed.

Reading the fear in your eyes, I knew you needed some encouragement and guidance.

Not only that, but you needed a firm but reassuring hand. So, I stood right behind you bending over you so you could feel my tits against the back of your head. Pressing on your cheeks, I helped you guide his dick into your semi-open mouth. My thumb pushed your jaw down gently but firmly and you reluctantly opened up wider. I pushed your head as deep as it would go onto his cock, rising a gag out of your pink lips. “That’s right, gag on it just like that.”

After I bobbed your head up and down a few times, I pulled you off of him so you could catch your breath. In the meantime, my friend and I admired the pink smear of lipstick on his hard dick. Your mascara started running down your cheeks from the strain of gagging on such a big dick.

Hungrily, you grabbed his cock wanting more. You were turning out to be such a good little sissy for me. “That’s right, my hungry sissy whore, choke that dick down.” I stroked your blond hair occasionally pushing your head down a little farther. With each gagging sound escaping your throat, my pussy throbbed. You would be able to take his entire cock by the end of the night and I’d see to that.

His dick started swelling and pulsing in the back of your throat.

You could tell he was so close to cumming. Just a few more bobs and he would be there. It was harder and harder for you to keep his throbbing dick in your throat so I held your head in place. It was so nice of me to give you a helping hand while he face-fucked you.

That was all it took to push him over the edge. Watching me as I held your head down while he fucked your pink sissy mouth. Squirting his cum all down your throat, you guzzled it all down like the good little cum whore that you were meant to be.

I was so happy that I could help you become the best little sissy cum-guzzling whore I knew you could be. But, I wasn’t satisfied yet. It was time for me to get some pleasure out of this.

Did you miss the steamy set up in Part 1 of my crossdressing sissy blog? To hear me tell this story with lots of extra juicy tidbits purchase the audio here. Check back in a couple of weeks to hear about my next encounter. You won’t believe what I do next!

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