Crossdressing Sissy – Sophie’s Playmate Part One

I’ve always wanted a sissy slut to play with. We could do our hair, makeup, and nails together. Shopping and trying on clothes together is so much fun.  Although that’s on a tame day. But, what we really need is a frisky day. What could I possibly mean by that? If you’re a crossdressing sissy then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

One night I was really bored. I wanted to do something super fun but all of my girlfriends were busy. So, I figured what the hell. I went to Instagram to find a playmate. Not just any playmate would do. Since I was feeling adventurous, I wanted someone just as much fun as I was.

A few seconds later, I found your post. You had some pics that made you look cute as hell in your panties and stockings. I just knew we had to play together. Your ad said you were in search of a girl to give you a makeover and you would be more than willing to fluff men for her.

That got me so excited because I could hardly believe my luck. So, what did I do? I sent you a text. It had a picture of a cute dress and wig I thought you might like. The dress was pink and white as well as frilly with bows on the hem and one large matching bow in the middle of the collar. The wig was blond with soft curls that would go midway down your back.

My text also contained my address and a playful message. Come over if you want to have a good time. I really hoped you’d take me up on my offer and decide to stop by.

About an hour later there was a knock at my door that startled me.

I had no response from you so I was lounging in my t-shirt and panties on my couch watching Netflix.

There you were standing in front of me desperate for a wax and some tweezing. With a smile, I invited you in so I could get to work. Admittedly, it was a project that would take more time than I’d anticipated, but that was going to make the results that much more rewarding.

I like to start from the bottom and work my way up. With your legs coated in wax, I texted a friend of mine I knew would just love you while we waited for it to dry. We texted back and forth making plans for him to come over later that evening. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to sissy you up right.

We primped every inch of your body so you could look like the perfect crossdressing sissy slut for me and my friend. You did want to look your best, didn’t you?

Once your body was soft and silky smooth, it was time to do your hair and makeup.

We did a full contour highlighting your eyes with butterfly mascara and a deep pink lip. I set your wig perfectly on top of your head and secured it with bobby pins so it wouldn’t come off during your sissy debut.

You were primped and ready just in time for the “I’m on my way” text from my friend. I was so excited to show you off and I knew you were getting excited in your satin panties at the thought. Let the fun begin!

Can’t wait for Part 2 of my crossdressing sissy blog on Friday? Check out my audio blog version with more dirty details that I can’t put in here. If you’d like to read more naughty action, go check out my Bratty Domination blog.

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