Crossdresser Sissy, Ms. Kat Dresses and Shows Off Stephanie Part 2

I adore New Orleans, especially when showing off a crossdresser sissy. No matter who you are, what you’re wearing, or where you’re going in the city, you fit in perfectly. Stephanie was trying her level best to melt into the shadows as we walked down the street. However, a sexy blonde woman tends to stand out. She was tall and looked hot in her outfit. There was almost a constant chorus of cat-calls and whistles that followed us as we approached the club. Once there, I noticed that Stephanie was blushing crimson and I couldn’t help but laugh and I said, “Oh what a pretty, sexy little slut you are tonight. It seems that everybody agrees!”

My closet queen baby and I entered the club. Immediately, we were escorted to the private room that I’d booked earlier. My friends were already present. Stephanie hesitated as we entered the room causing me to turn and give her a look that said, “If you don’t proceed, there will be severe consequences.” It got her moving. I brought her into the center of the room that had couches and a few small tables arranged in a circle with the center area clear.

Now it was time for my cross-dresser pansy’s introduction. Before introducing Stephanie to all present, I whispered in her ear saying, “Tonight will be the best or the worst night of your life. The choice is up to you. Do me proud and be a good little slut and it will be the best, if not, the worst and I will never speak to you again.” 

With that, she shuddered slightly and meekly responded saying, “I will make you proud, Mistress.”

I could see that my crossdresser sissy’s “shaking” was not in fear, but in excitement and anticipation of what would surely come next, the dream, the most secret fantasy of her life. Her fantasy was to be used as a party cum slut by several people, both women, and men. She wanted to satisfy everybody’s desires. I turned and introduced my new little slut to my friends and then I released her shackles, stepped back, and told all to enjoy. I seated myself in a comfortable chair in the back to enjoy the show.

The first to approach my cross-dresser sissy was a Dom friend, Master John, and his little female submissive that was barely dressed, collared, and leashed. Master John approached on foot while his little slut came along on all fours like a good little slut-puppy. He ran his hands over Stephanie’s sweet ass with approval giving her a playful smack on her rounded ass that made her jump a bit. John instructed his female submissive to lay on her back on the floor with her legs spread Then he instructed Stephanie to get down on her hands and knees and orally pleasure his slut. He told his slut not to cum until he allowed it.

Stephanie, my closet queen baby, glanced once in my direction before complying with Master John’s instructions. Then she had ‘her’ face buried in the little submissive’s cunt. Master John once again ran his hands over Stephanie’s succulent ass, pushing her skirt up, and exposing her ass. I knew how much John loved a nice tight ass. So, I knew what was coming next and was wet with anticipation. This would be the first time Stephanie had a ‘real’ cock in her ass. 

I couldn’t wait to see how she would take a real cock.

As it turned out, Stephanie, my crossdresser sissy, took Master John’s cock, and many more before the night was over. She took them all very well with her lovely make-up smeared because of all the cum squirted all over her. I was very proud of my little slut. She was thoroughly exhausted by the time we got back home. However, she was not too exhausted to satisfy her Mistress, happily.

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