Crossdresser Sissy, Ms. Kat Dresses and Shows Off Stephanie Part 1

One of my favorite types of submissives is a crossdresser sissy. I’ve had some of the best power exchange experiences with them. One of my favorites is Stephanie. Also, she was into orgasm control, cocksucking, and of course, having her pussy pounded. She was terribly shy and that was a challenge. Mistresses push limits with their submissives. So, I decided to push Stephanie’s limits.

I made it a special day for Stephanie, my closet queen baby. I gave her a sensual bath which included washing her naturally long, thick blonde hair. Then I made sure to shave her smooth everywhere. After her bath, I massaged her entire body with a lovely vanilla body lotion. I styled her long, blonde locks with loose, wavy beach tousled curls. I really wanted her bright blue eyes to pop, so I used brown and copper eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara, dusty pink blush, and bright pink lipstick.

To make sure that Stephanie felt girly, I gave her pale purple lingerie. It’s her favorite color. I gave her a purple push-up bra with breast forms and matching bikini panties. I helped her into crotchless, purple fishnet stockings. Over the top of it all, she had a short, black tank dress. To finish off the look, she slipped into 4” black slides. She looked perfect, but extremely tall considering that she was 6’3” without heels. 

To add a little flair to her look, I gave her dangly amethyst earrings and a purple feather boa.

In the house, Stephanie, my crossdresser sissy paraded around and acted all slutty. She really loved her special look for the day. Little did she know that I had more planned for her than simply dressing and fucking her with my strapon. All our previous sessions had been to work up to this day, the day she stepped out of the house as a girly slut. Her greatest fear was to be seen dressed as a girl in public. However, her greatest desire was to be used by women and men as a girl.

We had talked a lot about going to various different places with my cross-dresser pansy all dressed up. Since we were in New Orleans, Stephanie wouldn’t look very out-of-place. Still, she was afraid to go out in public. Finally, I convinced her to go out today in public. I had arranged something special. We would only be in public for a little bit on the way to a private fetish party. At the party, she would not be abnormal or out-of-place.

Stephanie, my crossdresser sissy, stood at the top of the porch stairs looking like a scared little girl. She was dressed up so pretty. It was a shame that she didn’t want to show off more. She needed a little extra encouragement, so I said, “Come on now, sweetie. If you don’t take that first step, you’ll never know what fun I have planned for you this evening and you’ll be trapped on the porch until I return later.”

 I had already locked the door and I had the only key.

My cross-dresser closet queen had the motivation she needed to make her debut in ‘society’ as my pretty little slut. She cautiously stepped down the stairs in her high-heeled slides with her wrists shackled together. Then we proceeded down St. Charles on our way to a little underground club just off of Bourbon street. Earlier in the day, I had arranged for a private party that included several of my friends. Little did Stephanie know, but she was going to be our little party slut this evening.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Crossdresser Sissy, Ms. Kat Dresses and Shows Off Stephanie Part 2

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Kisses, Katrina


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