Courtney’s New Guy Has a Baby Dick – Part 2

If you’ve been keeping up with the baby dick story, I left off where the two of us finally made it to my bedroom. Baby dick boy was being a huge tease with his tongue. I’m not going to lie, he seemed like he knew what he was doing. He was so good at eating me, that the last thing I ever expected was for him to have a tiny dick.

I sat up, rubbing my hands down his body, getting closer and closer to his cock. I could tell he was nervous. Then he pushed my hand back and then began to tell me that he needed to tell me something before we continued.

Staring back at him with a wondering expression, his face turned beat red. He paused for a second and then pointed his hand down towards his cock. I know you’ll be extremely disappointed with my dick he said. Me giggling and smiling, I said there was honestly no way I could be.

He gave me a sigh and revealed to me what I honestly thought was just an oversized clit. I couldn’t help myself, I burst out with laughter! As I continued to laugh, I noticed he started to get really turned on and excited.

If you think I’m going to let you put that little tiny baby dick in my pussy then you’re sadly mistaken.

What I will do, is call up a few of my friends and they can come over and, you can give us a show.

Feeling extremely terrified but turned on at the same time, I made baby dick boy drop his pants and start playing with his little clit. My friends eventually arrived, and they even brought over a few accessories for the fun.

We started taking shots at him while he played with himself. Calling him a pathetic baby dick loser, his little clit got even harder. He honestly loved it! I had never been with a guy who actually enjoyed getting humiliated about his size.  Something that I did learn though, is that I’m a total size queen.

Eventually, we had him playing with his little clit while one of the other girls fucked him with her strap on. I was teasing him with my commands, making him edge his tiny baby load.

I wasn’t expecting much to come out of him, I mean, he basically was nothing. Just being able to watch him struggle, while we put him in his place was a lot more entertaining to me.

He was just so tiny!

I loved just watching him take it, feeling what a big dick felt like. This dick was so different than his tiny little excuse for a cock. He knew he was a little bitch boy with a baby dick, and he knew that he had absolutely no power or control what so ever.

Finishing up, he did eventually cum, and as I suspected, it was a tiny load. I mean, what else can you expect from a baby dick boy right? I’m not sure if we’ll see each other again. Who knows, maybe we will get together for some playtime. He did enjoy being told what to do, and he really enjoyed the strap on. It’s not every day he gets to compare himself to a real cock. I also learned something new. I found that I enjoy baby dick boys, and will gladly humiliate you about your cock size any day.

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If you wanna hear this baby dick story in my sexy voice, check out my audio blog!

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