Courtney’s New Guy Has a Baby Dick – Part 1

This quarantine has been getting me into some interesting things, online dating included! I know, we’re supposed to be social distancing and all, but the truth is, I’m just such a horny little slut, I can’t help myself. How would I know that I’d wind up in a baby dick situation? But, it happened!

I actually met up with the guy I had been talking to online for the first time last night, and I must say, I was a bit shocked when I found out the size of his cock. Can we say small?

I bet you’re thinking, I’m sure his size wasn’t that bad. I’m sorry, but 3 inches? That’s really tiny! So obviously, finding this info out, I just had to mess with him, and I sure did.

We had been messaging back and forth for a few weeks now. I just knew I had to have him and make him mine.

It was odd that during all of the messages we exchanged, there were no sexual pictures sent at all. I like to be a bit of a tease and make him work for it, so it wasn’t unusual for me not to send naked pics, but most guys are all over it! I did notice that when it came to sex topics, he was usually pretty quiet. That should have been a red flag! He did say he had one particular fetish that he loved, but he said he was a tease too.  So I’d have to wait!

I had to find out in person what his big secret fetish was.

After about a month of the two of us messaging back and forth, we decided to meet up for a bit of fun. I’m a rule breaker, so why would I keep myself from social distancing at this point? I knew my family wouldn’t be home, and the two of us could have the place to ourselves. It would be perfect. We made plans for him to come over around 7. We could order some take out, and watch movies as well as have some fun in between.

I know it was a bit risky inviting someone over to my house, especially a total stranger during quarantine. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to get myself into.

Everything seemed to be going pretty well. He came over, we ordered pizza, put a movie on, and everything was perfect. I still didn’t know about his small problem.

After a bit, things started to heat up between us. We began making out intensely, as his fingertips ran up and down my sides, teasing me.

My pussy began to drip. I was getting so turned on that my legs started shaking. Taking his hand, making our way to the bed, I began to undress.  I pulled my pants off, laid down, and spread my legs wide open. I laid there as he flicked his tongue gently back and forth over my clit.

He teased me, making me moan with every touch, wanting more and more.

I know, this doesn’t sound so bad right? It really wasn’t, however, there is still more to the story. We were just getting started.

Come back on Thursday to hear Part 2 of this baby dick story!!

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