Even knowing I was in this convent I had to struggle to hold back a moan as I slid a finger into myself. Right at that second is when it happened. My door burst open and there was no way of hiding what I had been doing. Quickly trying to cover up I didn’t know what to do or say. 

Looking at who had just burst into the room I see another nun. The same habit as the one I was in was on her. Even though I couldn’t see her hair her eyes popped blue and gorgeous. 

Being already so turned on from touching myself when she walked over and sat beside me apologizing I struggled to keep up with her words. My desire only tampered at that point. 

Her eyes though. Those I couldn’t stop staring at. When I didn’t say anything to shocked still at being busted in and found that way she stopped apologizing. That’s when she said something that shocked me. 

“If you use the cross hanging right over your bed the shorter end is the good size for a dildo.”

Ummm excuse me? She placed a hand on my thigh and leaned close whispering

 “Or I could help you.”  I’d never been with a woman before. Let alone the fact that we were in a convent her a nun me working on becoming one. Feeling her hand slide further north I didn’t object though. As she cupped me a gasp escaped.

“You are not mute are you?”

“No, just shocked. I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“How do you think we get by with no men around? Did you think we were chaste non beings? We have desires too. Don’t worry let me show you how good it can be.” As she said that she slid off the bed and kneeled before me. To say I was shocked was beyond but feeling my clit pulse at the thought of her touching me there I nodded.


That one word had her lifting my habit skirt and spreading my thighs. She took in the site of my soaked pussy not able to hide my desire and buried her tongue in me. There was no shyness, no gentle just her tongue filling my pussy as I struggled not to scream in pleasure. 

Then she moved her mouth to my clit and I realized this woman knew exactly what she was doing. Teasing and tormenting it with her tongue she buried two fingers in me. Within moments she had me biting back screams as I came. She didn’t stop either, she kept sliding her soaked fingers in and out of me. When I started pushing her head away is when it happened. I came again and felt like I was taken to heaven and back. 

When I was finally able to breathe again I looked at this angel and knew I’d found a happy place in this convent. I wanted to make her feel just as good as she had just made me feel. Shaking my head I sat up and looked at this woman who I could only see the face of. Her eyes looking unsure how I would react. Chuckling I saw her relax and my next words brought a huge smile to her face.

“Can you teach me how to do that?”

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