I’d just got to the convent and knew I was doing what was best. I had a problem and here I wouldn’t continue to have the temptations. My dad said that the only thing left to do with a girl like me is put me here. 

As I opened the big doors the enormity of what was about to happen was overwhelming. There she was. A nun in a habit. My future laid out in front of me. Long boring days spent with only women. No hard cocks to touch. No feeling of being filled in the most beautiful way. 

I was a woman with desires and no men around to fulfil them. 

As I was led by her to my room I bit back a groan looking at her clothes. I liked showing off my body. Maybe I could convince my dad to take me back in. Knowing what disarray he found me and two guys in it was very doubtful. 

I was a sinful girl and needed to be away from temptation. He had hammered that in before sending me here. I didn’t want to at first. But I was shown it was for the best. As we got to my room I looked around at the bare necessities and wondered how I would ever get by. I know masturbation was going to be high on my priorities. For a convent at least it seemed I would have a little privacy. 

When I was handed the habit to wear. She said she would have to stay to make sure I put it on correctly. Not thinking twice about it I set the black garments on the table next to me. I mean she was a nun, so I just started to take my clothes off not thinking of desires that might arise. 

As I reached for the drabby looking underthings I noticed her staring at my nipples. I had a pretty decent set I would say myself. My C-cup was still perky and my nipples a soft pink. She looked away quickly and feeling a bit sassy I lifted my arms over my head leaning my head back stretching naked. The soft gasp I heard was satisfying to my inner goddess. 

This time when I looked at her. She looked back at me a small smile twitching the corner of her mouth. Putting the clothes on I was horrified. This was the least sexy I had probably ever felt. Once I was all dressed she said she would give me a half hour to rest before introducing me to everyone. 

Alone in the room in this horrible habit I cursed my dad for talking me into this. Like it was for my own good? Thinking back to what he had walked in on with those guys. Yup, I start to feel myself get a little hot. Not at the him part but to what he interrupted. Even in a convent I could feel myself get wet enjoying the memories, all I had left now. Lifting my skirt I slid my hand into the boring white panties and slid my fingers over my clit needing to cum. 

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