Come Play with Chloe – Part 2

“Play with yourself,” you whisper. My fingers immediately fly to my clit and I begin rubbing and twirling. My legs are spread wide, my knees bent. You sit back on your knees and pump your cock. You are breathing hard and moaning with your own pleasure as you watch me. I can feel the heat rising. my body shaking, my lips quivering. having you here, my peeping tom, watching me and now playing with me I can’t contain my excitement. I bit my lip in anticipation. Knowing I’m going to be climaxing soon was half the fun.

We come together, me crying out, you grunting and spurting your seed all over my stomach and breasts.

Hot splashes of cum land on my body as I tremble and jerk, my orgasm going on and on. I dip one finger into your cum and bring it to my lips to taste.You move up beside me and we lie next to each other on the blanket, holding hands and panting. I want to turn my face toward you and see you, to look into your eyes. You’ve never kissed me. I long for that. But I don’t know — would that make all of it real? Would our game be over if I acknowledged you as my secret lover?

Now a new surprise. you climb on top of me. Finally, our bodies will get a taste of something they’ve longed for. Without even asking me you thrust your cock in and I let out a yelp, one of both pain and pleasure.

“Oh fuck me, mister,” I beg, and so you do.

Pumping into me so fast and hard I can feel another climax quickly rising up in me again. My body was heating up so much I thought Id catch fire. I wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my fingers into his back. the two of us panting, our bodies meshing together. He looked to me for assurance and I nodded my head knowing exactly what he means. “Do it” I moan out. He leaned down and growled in my ear like some rabid animal. This is a new aspect of our roleplaying.

His pace picked up and I knew he was close too. The friction, his movements, were sending me over the edge, and when he nibbled on my ear I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded, my back arching as I screamed in pleasure. My entire body shook fiercely from orgasming so hard and I feel your hot semen shoot inside me. Filling me and with that, another orgasm rolled over. I couldn’t breathe for some time, and when I finally caught it I laid there in the grass just panting heavily.

You pulled out of me and to my surprise again. You begin to stroke my body with a soft cloth, cleaning up your mess. So gently and tenderly. You place a soft kiss on my cheek. I hear you stand and dress And just like that you are gone. I wait a long time before I remove my sunhat and open my eyes, content, remembering, re-living.

When at last I rise to dress, there, on the blanket next to me, is one lovely red rose.

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