Peeping Tom Phone Sex Fantasy – Isabella Out In The Field – Part 1

So here we are, on this warm Indian summer day. I am lying on my stomach outside in the prairie, knees bent, ankles crossed, bare feet in the air, and ready to play. All around are sounds of late summer/fall — the drone of crickets and bees. A breeze stirs the tall grasses. It’s time. quietly, I close my book and come up to my knees to undo the button and zipper of my shorts. I still don’t know where you are, but I’m not looking. Not easily I wiggle off my shorts and panties, then lie face down on the blanket, with my bare ass up. I slide my hand between my legs and begin to pleasure myself.

Nobody can see my round, firm butt rocking up and down except you.

I hear a sound in the grasses, and I know you are coming nearer. There you are — on the path to my right side. Again, I get up on my knees, this time to slide my t-shirt over my head and release my breasts from my bra. Fully naked now, I tip my head back and close my eyes, turning my face toward the sun. I lift and squeeze my breasts for you, flicking my nipples with my thumbs until they are hard, moaning with pleasure.

I hope your cock is in your hand and that you are stroking up and down, up and down. Laying back down on the blanket, face up this time, I pull my sunhat over my face to keep the sun out of my eyes. I don’t see you coming into my clearing, but I hear your soft steps in the grass. Because I know you want me to, I open my legs so you can see. I love doing this roleplay with you.

The sun feels warm on my already heating up.

Then I hear a sound I’ve not heard before when we’ve played our game: your clothes coming off. I hear your pants drop into the grass, followed by your shirt. Then silence as you survey me. I move my hands to spread open my pussy lips and widen my legs farther — an invitation for you to look more closely, right inside. I hear you drop to your hands and knees and crawl toward me on the blanket, toward that sweet spot between my legs. Now I feel your breath on my thighs. Oh! Now your breath on my pussy!

I gasp, but I don’t look.

You give me the softest kiss on one of my inner thighs. It’s the first time you have touched me, and I feel a thrill of electricity. I tremble slightly with anticipation as I wonder if you will kiss further up, kiss my pussy. You move over to me and whisper in my ear, “May I?” You have never spoken to me during our games. My heart is pounding, my breath coming fast.

“Yes,” I whisper back. I can’t wait for you to play with me.

You move back down, and I feel your tongue as you lick my pussy from my ass to my clit. I whimper. Oh, oh, so sweet, so good. You lick and taste and suck and nuzzle and flick with your talented tongue. I buck my hips, unable to lie still. My orgasm is building.

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