“Stay late after class on Monday, I’m sure we can work something out.”

That was the response I was hoping for! All weekend, I kept fantasizing how fun it would be to finally seduce my college professor. It was all I could think about honestly. Monday finally came around and while getting ready in the morning, I went all out. I shaved and lotioned up my body so I could be nice and smooth for him. My outfit was cute with easy access. I wore a white short sleeved button up tucked into my black skirt. I skipped on wearing panties and a bra, I didn’t want those pesky things getting in the way. 

As I sat in his class that morning, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me! I purposely unbuttoned my shirt just enough for him to see my cleavage. I made direct eye contact with him while he was in the middle of a lecture and I slowly opened my legs. As my college professor watched me, I slid my hand up my thigh, moving up my skirt just enough for him to see my perfect wet pussy.

He was starting to lose his train of thought in front of the whole class and I loved it! He kept watching me as I slowly stuck a finger inside of myself, pulled it out, and put it into my mouth. Then, he nearly tripped over his chair, I smiled and closed my legs and he continued onto to the lecture. I could tell he was getting hard just thinking about me and I loved it. He couldn’t stand seeing me like this, he wanted me so badly, I could see it all in his eyes. 

I wasn’t done playing with him yet. 

The bell rang and I started gathering my stuff. I wasn’t done teasing him yet, I was one of the first ones to leave the class, I knew if I wasn’t he would call me to the side and he would want me right then and there.

I went into the ladies bathroom and snapped a couple pictures of my fingers inside of my wet pussy. For the rest of day, I continued to send my professor teasing pics until finally, it was the last class of the day. He saw me walk in and I blew a kiss. He seemed so anxious to get this class over with. My professor’s eyes couldn’t stay off me. The end of class finally came and when the bell rang I didn’t move from my desk. I patiently waited for everyone to leave the room and finally when everyone was gone, I walked up to my professor’s desk. He took no time to slam me on top of his desk and shove his face right up my skirt.

His tongue felt so warm on my horny wet pussy.

He made me cum so hard and he got up, pulled his pants down and revealed his big yummy cock! I knew he was big, but damn, seeing it in person was so much different. He slid right in between my legs and started fucking me raw. My moans filled the entire classroom and would have filled the whole school if he hadn’t covered my mouth with his hand. It was so hot. He stroked and stroked and stroked until finally he came.

My college professor came right inside of me and when he pulled his cock out I could feel his warm cum oozing out of me. I got down on my knees and started sucking my professors cock. I put him so far down my throat, he even started moaning! Finally, he busted another load right into my mouth. After that, I never had any problems keeping my grades up! 

Part Two

Stay tuned for next weeks blogs! Until then, check out My Virginity And How I Lost It!


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