More about the Sex Life Of College Girls! This night usually took place in the summer, where we could get them all dressed up and take them out to the park to frolic around like little sluts. We would make them do things, like race in heels, or the suck and pass game. 

You see, that’s not all they did though. College girls really know how to draw a crowd. 

And that’s exactly what we did. We drew a HUGE mainly male dominant crowd. And a few girls who we ended up supplying with strap-ons at the end of the night. 

Nothing in the life of a college girl is ever black and white. 

There’s usually more to the story that people don’t see, or that we keep secret until we are ready to tell you. 

I love that part, I absolutely love shocking some unsuspecting slut and making them realize how much trouble they got themselves into. 

So you could only imagine how all of those sissy sluts felt when we lined them up in a row and told them to get down on their knees. All of their eyes got REALLY wide with fear as we just chuckled and told them if they wanted us they would do it! 

College girls can be so cruel. Especially when they use your feelings to their advantage.

Could you imagine how all of those sluts felt when the guys lined up and started to unzip their pants? Their aching boners just sitting right there of all various shapes and sizes. 

Now you see this night had been filled with competitions between all of the poor sluts. So we turned this into one too. Whoever could get the most guys off, got a SUPER SPECIAL prize. But we kept that a secret. 

So one by one they started to suck, a few of them backed out. But I think most of them figured if they had come this far already they might as well just see it through. Plus we told them the prize was AMAZING. 

The guys slowly started to cum one by one, moving further into the night nearing the end of the line, the tally just kept climbing of guys who had come. You could really tell that some of the Sissy sluts were really proud of themselves. 

So as the line drawn to an end. And the last sissy sucked the last cock to completion. You could hear whispers of the prize being spoken amongst them. 

Once the winner was announced they were so eager to find out what they won. That’s when the girls with the strap-ons lined up. 

Could you imagine a Sissy Slut being surrounded by super hot college girls with strap-ons? Well, I could! Because it happened!! The sissy was bent over and the girls moved in, shoving their strappy one by one inside of the little slut until he was moaning for more! Begging for more!

Could you imagine if your first College Girl adventure went like this, how it would make you feel?

So, If you dare. 



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