College Coed Sells Her Body to Stay in School – Part 3

My neighbor was fully taking advantage of little coed Ruby at this point. I knew he was going to keep pushing things further until he was fully satisfied. My mouth had just been used by him. I was still trying to catch my breath after being basically throat-fucked. Tears had already welled up in my eyes. But still, I kept a smile on my face. There was no way I would be backing out of this now!

My perverted neighbor knew he had me right where he wanted me. After all, my college career was at stake! He was my only hope of being able to keep going to my classes and staying financially afloat. If I was going to take his money then I was going to earn every fucking dollar.

“Your cunt is mine next,” he said with a devilish grin on his face.

As he said those words to me I began feeling my heart flutter. In my naïve response, I told him he could have whatever he wanted. This was a big mistake, but I will get to that later. He then stood up, grabbed my wrist to lift me from my knees, and walked behind me. Then telling me to bend over and put my hands on the bed. So I did as I was told. He sternly said, “arch your back, you little slut!”

Quickly I arched myself for him the way he wanted. As I felt his hands grabbing my ass I took a deep breath, still trying to calm myself. Then in his stern voice, he growled, “look back at me!” So I quickly turned my head to look at his face. I could feel his hard old-man cock pressing against my tight coed pussy. He was seconds away from entering me. That’s when his devilish grin appeared again as he told me to beg for him to fuck me. Oh god, it was humiliating doing this! But I had no choice in the matter. So, I begged like a real slut for him to take me.

“Oh please fuck me! I’m begging you, pretty please!”

That’s when he aggressively grabbed both my ass cheeks and thrust deep inside my tight hole. You better believe I yelped loudly and uncontrollably as he had his way with me. His shaft was thick and my pussy wasn’t used to being stretched so suddenly. As you can probably imagine, tears were welling up and running down my face. I was then facing forward so he couldn’t see that I was crying. Although looking back now I’m sure he knew I wasn’t exactly having a fun time. Which I imagine turned the pervert on even more.

Nevertheless, I was there for his pleasure, not mine. This was a business transaction that I needed to make. So I took it as best as I could given the circumstances. He had me telling him to drill my young cunt as he thrust harder and deeper. I could feel him hitting my cervix which was not pleasant at all! I thought he was about to cum but I was wrong. He then took his cock out of me and said my ass was next.

Part 4 of this crazy story will be out on Thursday. However, you can get the audio now to hear what happens next! In the meantime, perhaps check out my other sexy stories.

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